Tuesday, 10 February 2015


On Sunday I went to the Vintage Market at the Waterfront, it was quite beautiful to have it in such a location next to the water and the view of the boats. The weather was nice and sunny and I popped over for an hour or so, I didn't stay too long because I felt poorly. I didn't really know it was being held this Sunday but I am glad I went along. There were fresh produce being sold outside, along with handmade crafts by local artists. One piece that really inspired me was the heart & bird shaped jewellery collages, the lady said they were made from 100% vintage pearls and beads. Which is quite a beautiful way to collect or remember people who have passed away. There were handmade cards ready for Valentines day but I didn't have very much money on me to buy anything so I purchased the yummiest chocolate brownies, they were so gooey. 

I went inside to see the Vintage market, there were quite a lot of vintage things but I couldn't find anything I liked. Instead I took lots of photos and spoke to a lovely lady who owns a boutique called Lori Loves which sells dried flowers in little trinket bottles, its a good way to re-use them. Even if you want to save them from your wedding day you can put them in a beautiful necklace. Check out her website here. Another artist I loved was called 'Little bit different' you can look at the pieces here. What made my day was I plucked up the courage to spot a blogger from a distance, what gave it away? the camera and stealing the shot. You know what us bloggers are like, who can get the best shot first, standing in front of me was a fellow welsh blogger Oroma, who lives just near by. It then gave me a chance to talk to her. I can't wait to natter over a cup of tea and talk about our blogs. 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


  1. I love vintage markets, you never know what you might find! That daisy necklace is lovely :)


  2. Lovely photos! This looks like my ideal place, especially with the personal and relaxing touches. I love how quaintly unique vintage markets are x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

  3. Everything looks amazing, especially the pearl collages and the vintage hairbrushes! I would literally want to buy everything xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

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