Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hey guys I attended a SmashBox Blogger Event down in Cardiff on Saturday, my first Event of 2015 so far. My train was delayed due to signalling problems so I got there a bit later on. I had quite a weird experience whilst being on the train, an old guy kept looking at me and then came and sat down next to me claiming he works for Vogue and suggested I start a model portfolio. This was a very intimidating experience whilst being on your own, and thank god I didn't reveal any information about myself. You just can't trust strangers on a train these days whether they do work for Vogue or not, surely he would have been a bit more professional about it and showed me his business card or something, right?

Anyway thank god another Welsh Blogger was on the same train and she came to the rescue. Charlotte and I had a lovely quick chat before meeting Alice as we got off at the station. I've never been to a beauty event before and there was a hair demonstration by Bumble & Bumble and then a demonstration by the SmashBox Ladies. Since trying their Photo Finish Primer suggested by a Beauty Vlogger, Carli Bybel, I've noticed that it creates such a beautiful base for my foundation and concealer. Afterwards we got to try on some of the make up and had first hand help and advice from the Smash Box Ladies. I really loved their Halo High Lighter Wand something I'm going to invest in after finishing my Benefit High Beam Highlighter stick. We got a few little samples in our boxes, one was a Photo Finish Primer, Red Lipgloss, a pot of Foundation matched to our specific skin tones and a sample of the DKNY perfume.

I'm always a bit skeptical when trying make up in stores because I know lots of other people have tried the same thing and because my skin is very sensitive sometimes I get reactions and to my worst luck the day after my face broke out into a bumpy rash. I don't know whether it was from the make up but I'm waiting for it to calm down before going out, every time I apply foundation it looks terrible and it stings. So yeah I don't think I'll be attending anymore beauty events except ones like Lush when I know the products are natural and seem to react well with my skin.

We then headed to Starbucks for a good catch up and I wanted a pancake so I headed to Crepe Affaire just outside and got a chocolate pancake. Every time I got to Cardiff I always walk past this shop and have never tried one, they were crispy and so yummy! It was good though to see a few bloggers like Charlotte, Char, Kerry and Hannah, hopefully next time we can make a day of it.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


  1. Great photos and looks like it was fun!

    You were right to feel weird about the man - if they're professional they hand out business cards straight away or at least give you their website/facebook address, and what are the chances of a Vogue man being on the train from Swansea?!

  2. fab post and great event. Amazing pics as always. Looking forward to seeing you again soon xx

  3. Great post, the event was fab. Was good to see you. That sucks about the makeup making you breakout. x