After day ones great kick off it was hard to keep up with watching the live streams, unless you were stranded in the house for five days with wifi and didn't move. It has been a busy weekend with uni work so I caught up with the latest photos via the main London Fashion Week Highlights page. My favourites of Day Two were, House of Holland, Mother of Pearl, Orla Kiely and Markus Lupfer.

 Mother of Pearl
I chose this collection as one of my favourites of Day two at London Fashion Week mainly because of the Seventies Earthy tones throughout. It had a hint of brown florals and lovely Orange Pussy Bow Blouses. I've carefully selected my following favourites in the image below.

Orla Kiely
Much like previous Designer collection Orla Kiely picked a similar Seventies Colour palette, with peach pinks, salmon oranges, greys, khaki greens and black. This collection was my favourite because of the close attention to detail. I adored the ruffle peter pan collars, and the bow blouses, but the knit wear won my heart. Its very gran chic which I hope comes back into fashion again, I always remember digging out my Grandmothers pieces in 2010 for Lookbook.

Markus Lupfer
Such a cute and fun collection for AW15, the flower power hippy vibes were channeled through the floral shades which is a bonus for my seventies trend hunting. I like the darker floral dresses layered over a black turtle neck this would be perfect for the colder weather in A/W. The location seemed beautiful at displaying the collections theme.

House of Holland
I didn't know what to make of this collection by House of Holland, its a lot of colour choice for AW15, bright oranges and reds and a lot of shabby faux fur. I didn't like the use of stripes in the collection, but I think throughout day one and two there has been a main trend of fur so House of Holland could be onto something for the Winter Seasons, we will all end up looking like sheep.
Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Clothier


  1. Your favorites are spot on! Orla Kiely and Markus Lupfer had the BEST collections on Day 2.

    Katie |

  2. House of holland was my favourite out of these - x

  3. House of Holland & Orla Kiely are always the designers I'm most excited to see every London Fashion Week. They never fail to impress me!