Sadly this year I can't be at London Fashion Week I hadn't planned it very well so I ended up staying home and watching the live streams and content posted via Twitter. I have to say its a lovely way to sit back relax and enjoy the show, funny as it sounds but you don't have to worry about rushing to attend shows on time or even think about outfits or even buy new ones. 

This year I'm starting to get more associated with the designers and their memorable attributes that they display throughout London Fashion Week. As a newbie, at first glance looking into Fashion Week and reviewing the collection without any current history of the actual designer themselves is quite daunting. What if you get the wrong interpretation of the collection that other fashionistas have obviously known these designers for a while. I'd like to make it clear that all of my personal opinions are fairly new about these London Designers and I'd like to try and be honest with what I loved and didn't like at #LFW.

This year I'm looking out for whether the current SS15 Seventies style will lead us into AW15, I do hope so its one of those trends that you can alternative between skimpy floral playsuits and dresses and layers of denim and suede for the colder weather. 

J JS Lee 
Friday morning I woke up nice and early to start watching the London Fashion Week Shows, I watched J JS Lee when I was getting ready for Uni. I loved the monochrome pallet with the 60s pixie hair styles and provocative red lips. 

Eudon Choi 
I wasn't too keen on the colour scheme but I did like the oversized tasseled scarves, something I might try in the later Winter Seasons.The Seventies Flare styled trousers are still in for AW15, yes!
Choi added a bit of Khaki which is a fabulously flattering colour to all skin tones, however what I didn't like about Choi's collection were the beautiful plaid patterned pieces with the hints of an offish yellow, he incorporated the offish yellow into a metallic skirts as well which didn't do it for me. 

Bora Aksu
I watched this show on the live stream it was a beautiful collection. Very girly with a light pastel coloured palette such as blues, purples, yellows and pinks, quite a different colour choice for AW15 but lets go with it because you know I have a sweet spot for girly garments.

Felder and Felder
I also watched this show live and this was my favourite of the day! The seventies vibe was strong within this collection. It was quite provocative and revealing with the sheer lace blouses and short dresses and skirts but nevertheless the fringed haired models in their flare trousers won my heart.  I may add the location was beautiful as well really brought out the theme of the collection.

Jean-Pierre Braganza
Loved the darker palette choice of this collection, perfect for AW15. My favourite were the marsala pieces but I have to get my hands on the darker purple pieces for Autumn this year. I really love the use of layering with thick woollen jumpers, faux fur jackets and collars. Its really the best AW15 practical collection of the day. 

Paul Costelloe
 Think Marie Antoinette goes country chic, a magical collection from Costelloe, with just a hint of pastel pink for AW15, he decided to bring in the plaids and tweeds for this Winter. Its very british and with the long knee socks it adds a sense of nobility. I love the coats to this collection more than the off the shoulder dresses and pink pieces.

Is this collection an ode to Helena Bonham Carter? if not it would suit her perfectly. There are lots of darker Victorian vibes happening within this collection, and you guys know I have a soft spot for ruffle blouses, silky textures and black lace detailing. A monochrome palette could be a possible choice for AW15 if you don't fancy going down the lines of the Seventies trend this year.

Hope you enjoyed reading my favourites of London Fashion Week day one, let me know what was your favourite.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Clothier


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