1. Frill Placket Blouse- MISS SELFRIDGE / 2. Tan High Sandal- MISS SELFRIDGE / 3. Suede Popper Skirt- MISS SELFRIDGE / 4. Daisy Print Playsuit- MISS SELFRIDGE / 5. Floppy Black Hat- MISS SELFRIDGE / 6. Suede Burgundy Shorts- MISS SELFRIDGE / 7. Denim Pinafore Dress- MISS SELFRIDGE 

Here I've put together another selection of Seventies inspired pieces from Miss Selfridge, right now there are currently my favourite store. The Daisy Print Playsuit is adorable and I can't stop looking at it in the display window at my local shop. The Suede pieces are something I need to invest in, recently I did however buy a Ralph Lauren second hand brown shirt in the charity shop and I love the feel of it. I've included a Floppy Hat as I am always wearing mine I thought I'd let you know that Miss Selfridge supplies as well. The little Tan Sandals are the cutest and would look divine with some cream frilly socks, oh how I can't wait for Summer! 

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Charlotte Clothier


  1. awesome items!

  2. Wow, all beautiful items! I especially love the heels <3