Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hey guys sorry for the delay in posting this part 4 of London Fashion Week. When I was collecting the images from the highlights page not all of the photos had been uploaded of the designers collections so I had to wait a day or so just to make sure. This was my favourite day mainly because of my three favourite designers displayed such a beautiful AW15 collection, Giles, Burberry and Christopher Kane.

Such a beautifully retro colour palette and perfect Autumn colours, Dark Purples, Burgundies and Mustards. My favourite was the little Purple Playsuit number layered on top of a Long Sleeve Mustard Top with a contrasted Burgundy Turtle Neck, what a genius idea! The hair styles were so cute and loved the Coats with the Faux Fur Collars.

I found Erdem's collection quite interesting, especially the gradient effect of the Tailored Jackets flowing into the Floral Skirt it was beautiful created and works perfectly well. I loved the Camel Coat contrasted with the heavy Floral Embroidery and still those Knee High Boots are right on trend for AW15 so best to buy them now whilst they are in the sale. 

Burberry Prorsum
Yes Burberry is one of the best of the Season hands down. With the awesome model Malaika Firth strutting her stuff it made this collection even more favourable, she's one of my model crushes at the moment. This collection by Burberry was very Retro and yet Tribal at the same time, they combined Tassels, Florals, Suede and Leather all perfect Textures and Prints for AW15, but still currently on trend for SS15 as well. Those Knee High Boots were to die for and I even loved the Circular Shades, Burberry your right on point!

Christopher Kane
I found Christopher Kane's collections very intriguing, it was a mixture of Retro Textures like Velvets and Shimmery Sequins in contrast with Woodland Green Androgynous pieces. I love how he still added a touch of femininity with the Ruffles going down the opening of the Blouse and along the trim of the Bag, it was such a beautiful touch. I think there is still an air of Retro/ Seventies in for AW15 as Kane displays this with the very basic Floral Shapes descending down his Dresses. What intrigued me the most was how he incorporated art into his collection especially the Human Form. I couldn't quite make it out at first I thought it was disfigured body parts but then realised it was couples attaching in some weird way, its quite beautiful to include this concept and Kane does it very subtly.

My favourite of all time, I loved this dark Victorian collection by Giles its such a dream. The bow Blouses, Victorian collars and cuffing and a beautiful painterly print, that reminds me of Alice and Wonderland, a combination of magic blurred into a misty print of an illusion. He created wonderful Mushroom Print Pieces and even Kendall Jenner modelled for him which I found her Dark looks really suited this collection well. My favourite piece has to be the Bow Pinafore with the long Sleeved Ruffle White Blouse. The detailing is impeccable and he has really combined femininity into a Dark theme for AW15 I adore this collection.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hey guys I attended a SmashBox Blogger Event down in Cardiff on Saturday, my first Event of 2015 so far. My train was delayed due to signalling problems so I got there a bit later on. I had quite a weird experience whilst being on the train, an old guy kept looking at me and then came and sat down next to me claiming he works for Vogue and suggested I start a model portfolio. This was a very intimidating experience whilst being on your own, and thank god I didn't reveal any information about myself. You just can't trust strangers on a train these days whether they do work for Vogue or not, surely he would have been a bit more professional about it and showed me his business card or something, right?

Anyway thank god another Welsh Blogger was on the same train and she came to the rescue. Charlotte and I had a lovely quick chat before meeting Alice as we got off at the station. I've never been to a beauty event before and there was a hair demonstration by Bumble & Bumble and then a demonstration by the SmashBox Ladies. Since trying their Photo Finish Primer suggested by a Beauty Vlogger, Carli Bybel, I've noticed that it creates such a beautiful base for my foundation and concealer. Afterwards we got to try on some of the make up and had first hand help and advice from the Smash Box Ladies. I really loved their Halo High Lighter Wand something I'm going to invest in after finishing my Benefit High Beam Highlighter stick. We got a few little samples in our boxes, one was a Photo Finish Primer, Red Lipgloss, a pot of Foundation matched to our specific skin tones and a sample of the DKNY perfume.

I'm always a bit skeptical when trying make up in stores because I know lots of other people have tried the same thing and because my skin is very sensitive sometimes I get reactions and to my worst luck the day after my face broke out into a bumpy rash. I don't know whether it was from the make up but I'm waiting for it to calm down before going out, every time I apply foundation it looks terrible and it stings. So yeah I don't think I'll be attending anymore beauty events except ones like Lush when I know the products are natural and seem to react well with my skin.

We then headed to Starbucks for a good catch up and I wanted a pancake so I headed to Crepe Affaire just outside and got a chocolate pancake. Every time I got to Cardiff I always walk past this shop and have never tried one, they were crispy and so yummy! It was good though to see a few bloggers like Charlotte, Char, Kerry and Hannah, hopefully next time we can make a day of it.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Monday, 23 February 2015


Hey guys back with Day Three of London Fashion Week, I have noticed there is a theme of blue running in the Designers collection the past couple of days. Not a colour I'm too keen on myself as I don't think its flattering for pale skin tones and darker hair. My favourite collections of the day were by, Preen by Thorton Bregazzi, Matthew Williamson, Temperley London, Topshop Unique, Jonathan Saunders and Mary Katrantzou. 

Catch up with my favourites from Day One and Day Two of LFW.

Temperley London
Blue is the colour of the AW15 and Temperley London displays this beautifully, with their floral blue Embroidery pieces and their sparkly Embellishments. It was lovely to see Sophie Dahl model for this collection I remember watching her cute cooking program. I loved how Temperley London incorporated a wonderful Pussy Bow blouse in a formal black styled playsuit, the long scarves around the models necks gave off a sense of seventies as well. Although I wouldn't want such a thin scarf for AW15 I'm thinking about Temperley's display of that lovely thick burgundy scarf for the colder months.

Preen by Thorton Bregazzi
What caught my eye about Bregazzi's collection were the beautiful Orange and Blue floral pieces, the colours contrast so well and look perfect with darker hair. I loved the camel coat and the intricate white floral embellishments on some of the dresses as well. But the floral won my heart in this collection.

Topshop Unique
Whilst being a Country girl at heart I fell in love with Topshop Unique's Country Chic collection. I watched it on the live stream and I favourited the following outfits in the below image. Botanical Prints, Pinafores layered over Jumpers, Brown Velvet Jumpsuits, lots of faux fur and Flares! There are still elements of the Seventies trend within this collection but its still very Topshop at heart. 

Matthew Williamson 
Like I mentioned earlier, Blue is the Seasonal colour running throughout AW15 collections. Matthew Williamson's collection was so beautiful, I love the colour palette with the use of blues, rich pinks and reds and even a bit of yellow. I know I said previously I didn't like the fact yellow was trying to sneak its way into the AW15 trends but Williamson does this very discreetly and it works.

Mary Katrantzou
I've always kept a close eye on Katrantzou ever since I studied Surface Pattern for a year, her collections are always very unique. I like how she incorporated Khaki, Orange and Browns in this seasons collection, these are my favourite choices of 2015 so far. It is hard to explain the genius collection so lets just sit back and admire her work of art. 

Jonathan Saunders 
Probably the best 60s/70s inspired collection of this season at London Fashion Week, Saunders really has mastered the reinvention of the retro style. He has incorporated lots of Seventies colours, quite bright but not too intrusive and with those laced thigh high boots it really finishes off the outfits. I personally don't think I could pull off such wild colour choices but it seems to work on the models.


Floppy Black Hat- TOPSHOP/ Sunglasses- PRIMARK/ Dress- MISS SELFRIDGE/ Boots- NEW LOOK/ Sandals- NEW LOOK/Charity Shop/ Socks- PRIMARK

Hey guys taking a bit of a break away from the coverage of London Fashion Week to show you the photos that I had taken last week by the wonderful Photographer Joy. She is a third year University Student and loves to take Photos and Videos, funny enough I took a street style photo of her last year for Swansea Life Magazine and didn't realise a year later we would work together. We quickly planned a shoot, she chose the location and I chose the outfit. I decided on my bargain Dress from Miss Selfridge that I got in the sale for £10. I combined it with my Socks and Sandals I found in Charity Shop for £5. I wanted to channel the latest Seventies Style with my circular Sunglasses from Primark and my Black Floppy Hat from Topshop.

The weather was really cold and my hands were turning blue, I had my Mango Bubble Tea to keep going though and I'll post about that later on. It was quite awkward at first taking photos at the main uni I didn't realise how busy it was and lots of people were staring. I don't normally like getting my photo taking by other people as I normally end up looking stupid. I think these photos turned out quite well they look natural and really show how much of a laugh we were both having. She's a great photographer to work with and I can't wait to work with her again some time soon.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

Sunday, 22 February 2015


After day ones great kick off it was hard to keep up with watching the live streams, unless you were stranded in the house for five days with wifi and didn't move. It has been a busy weekend with uni work so I caught up with the latest photos via the main London Fashion Week Highlights page. My favourites of Day Two were, House of Holland, Mother of Pearl, Orla Kiely and Markus Lupfer.

 Mother of Pearl
I chose this collection as one of my favourites of Day two at London Fashion Week mainly because of the Seventies Earthy tones throughout. It had a hint of brown florals and lovely Orange Pussy Bow Blouses. I've carefully selected my following favourites in the image below.

Orla Kiely
Much like previous Designer collection Orla Kiely picked a similar Seventies Colour palette, with peach pinks, salmon oranges, greys, khaki greens and black. This collection was my favourite because of the close attention to detail. I adored the ruffle peter pan collars, and the bow blouses, but the knit wear won my heart. Its very gran chic which I hope comes back into fashion again, I always remember digging out my Grandmothers pieces in 2010 for Lookbook.

Markus Lupfer
Such a cute and fun collection for AW15, the flower power hippy vibes were channeled through the floral shades which is a bonus for my seventies trend hunting. I like the darker floral dresses layered over a black turtle neck this would be perfect for the colder weather in A/W. The location seemed beautiful at displaying the collections theme.

House of Holland
I didn't know what to make of this collection by House of Holland, its a lot of colour choice for AW15, bright oranges and reds and a lot of shabby faux fur. I didn't like the use of stripes in the collection, but I think throughout day one and two there has been a main trend of fur so House of Holland could be onto something for the Winter Seasons, we will all end up looking like sheep.
Lots of love,

Charlotte x