Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary Photos from my Instagram

Hey guys so here is my soon to be regular Sunday Summary post, its going to include the best photos chosen from my Instagram and a bit of an explanation about this week. As a late comer to Instagram I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Recently AX Paris re-grammed a photo of mine wearing a floral dress which I was over the moon with. This week has been about planning outfits like what I used to do and line them up ready to shoot. The planning side of blogging is always exciting and I've got quite a lot of Autumn/Winter styles to wear and whilst I get them out of the wear soon enough spring will be here. That means time to bring out those pastel pinks again which I adore. I know I've been taking a few photos indoors because the weather has been so windy but recently I am exploring the City more and finding new locations, even people are suggesting places to me which is nice. I've been on a mini shopping spree this week but not too much because I am budgeting myself strictly this semester as I wish to continue blogging down here in the Summer. However, I did visit Zara one day and tried on the lovely monochrome outfit which I might go back and buy in a few weeks time. The Baroque Earrings and Key Necklace were my favourite pieces this week and I just have to get my paws on them. Anyway hope your all good and ready to start another week of work.

Lots of love, 

Charlotte x


  1. These photos are so elegant, I feel it's all very Saint Laurent! Love the blouse in the second instagram pic

  2. great photos!