Sunday, 4 January 2015


Black Lace Dress- OASAP/ Headband- DIY/ Tights- TOPSHOP/ Peep Toe Heels- NEW LOOK

Hey everyone so after binge watching Gossip Girl I am on my last season, I can't believe its going to be over soon! I recently received this dress from OASAP and it reminded me of the outfit Blair wore back in Season 1. I matched it with the typical Blair Bow headband and some curly locks, I admire her style completely. I think she is such a good role model for young girls, she fully stands her ground and does mess up sometimes but will always remain dignified and brave. I love the sleeves on this dress I'm constantly swaying them about. It's such a perfect dress with a 60s vibe and I can't wait to wear it to Uni with a big black floppy hat. Hope you all have a good first day back to work, school or Uni!

Lots of love, 

Charlotte x


  1. Thanks for following me not twitter. Love your blog.

  2. loving the blair waldorf vibes! I have recently started watching gossip girl on netflix, so addictive!

  3. This is a perfect Blair outfit! I only just found your blog but would just like to tell you how much I adore t already - the layout is so organised, your posts extremely detailed and the photography is fantastic! Plus, I'm from South Wales too :)
    - Jodie x