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Pink Wig- Amazon| Floral Headband- Claires| Necklace- Market| Tights- Claires| Spikey Boots- Charity Shop| Blossom Dress- Poppy Lux

Hey Guys,  I wanted introduce to you the not so secret sister brand of Sugar Hill Boutique, Poppy Lux. I fell in love with the neon print of this dress and its on key trend of many high street shops. I was getting sick of my black hair, so I'm trying to grow it out. Whilst my roots are horrendous I decided to adopt an alter ego with my candy floss wig I bought for my birthday in September. She's cute and girly but ever so edgy and one bad ass girl. The dress didn't fit me length wise so I had to roll it up with a belt, if anyone is interested in buying it off me leave a comment. It's such a beautiful print but I don't think I could wear it unless I altered the length.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

Saturday Adventures Part 2

I headed around the charity shops in search for some wondrous treasures, but didn't find anything. I wandered downwards and to my attention I noticed this most delicately hidden gem, it was a vintage shop called 'UnDone' recently opened by Katie Hern. As soon as I entered the door I was in heaven, everything I wanted to find in vintage shop was right here. Beautiful Laces, Edwardian and Victorian Dresses, Crochet Collars, Pearls and Parisian Furniture. Vintage Bridal wear, cutesy wrapping paper, oh my gosh this is by far my favourite shop in the whole of Swansea. I could not compliment her enough about how amazing she had put everything together, with the layout, little displays in suitcases and on bookshelves down to the printed tags. It is definitely a place you must visit if you love Florence Welch, 1920s, anything dreamy visit her little shop.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

Saturday Adventures Part 1

I woke up to a beautiful sunny day with the most magical spring feel in the air. I put on my pink slip dress and ballet pumps and headed off to Uplands Market. Its a cute little market up the road from where I live. The smell of fresh bread and sponge cakes filled the air, it was very busy and it seemed to be quite a wealthy area other than in the City Centre. I heard there was a Vintage stall from Waxy Bramble there so I went to have a nose around. It was located outside of Noah's Yard, I have heard of this place before but never actually been there. I wandered inside and a lovely Gentlemen who I've previously worked with along side Justin Harris, a professional photographer of Swansea, kindly gave me a cup of tea and a plate of cookies. He showed me around the beautiful building. It was the most interesting and unique cafe I have visited whilst living here. It was dimly lit with vintage lampshades which created this mysterious and magical atmosphere. Antique pieces were carefully selected and fitted well with the quirky theme, such as type writers, a jesus statue, old vintage magazines and posters. I was invited to go upstairs and take a look at the event room, where there were more antique pieces. This place was like a dream come true and very different from what you would usually expect from a Welsh Seaside town.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

Luxury Slip: Emerging Intimate Trend

Body-skimming midi-length nightdresses incorporate sheer fabrics and lace inserts and details,expressing themes of old-time glamour.

 Influence: the overtly feminine and romantic slip has been an important dress silhouette 
on the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks according to WGSN INstock data

Fabrics & details: fluid silk satins, super-soft laces, delicately embroidered tulles, sheer and opaque panels and inserts, detailed bustier constructions, deep V-shape necklines, lace ornamental appliqué.

Colour: black is important for the dramatic boudoir look while fashion nude and beige evoke dreamy old-time glamour

Silhouette: sleek and simple bias-cut midi-length slip with lace detailing

Inspiration: for a modern take on this trend see the Elie Saab and Stella McCartney spring/summer 2014 collections, and take further inspiration from 1930s and 1940s vintage slip design

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

Meadham Kirchhoff Show/ London Fashion Week

I headed to London Fashion Week yesterday for the first time ever. We travelled in first class on the train for a three hour journey to London it was worth it. Especially when you can get free refreshments and stretch your legs out. I took a friend of mine Ffion whose birthday it was but the day went so fast and it was really tiring. Anyways when we arrived at Paddington at lunch time we headed to Somerset house, thankfully we asked people to help us out with understanding the tube. When we got to the event neither us of knew how to get in, for ages we were standing outside like lemons. Wondering if we needed a ticket to actually get inside, we were kind of shocked that we were actually here. We didn't what to wear or what to expect.

We climbed some windy stairs to the courtyard as soon as we entered I was blown away by the density of black spread everywhere. Everyone had mean eyes and fierce clothing. Ego, confidence and attitudes were all sky high, I realised how many people were just standing around looking for attention from photographers. Or just plain standing around waiting to be famous, I know nothing really about fashion I couldn't recognise labels or famous faces. I thought I would have enjoyed it more as I was so excited but to be honest I felt like a pink sugar mouse thrown in a pit of hissing snakes. I was terrified and it was so daunting everyone looked at you, I felt like I was judged tremendously for wearing pink,  I could imagine them saying "your wearing pink you can't sit with us".

 It made me think how much I need to start believing in myself. I lost all my confidence, I kept looking down and I had never felt so self conscious in my life. I had a few photos taken, what I found hilarious as soon as one person takes a photo you get a flurry of about five other photographers trying to get the same photo. However I forgot how to pose, I was camera shy aw god it was awful. We spent about an hour there and headed quickly over to the turbine hall at Tate to see the Meadham Kirchhoff Show. 
Which was definitely more my scene, with peoples care free attitudes creates a more relaxed atmosphere. What made it even more inviting was Meadham Kirchhoff's new scent 'Tralala' sprayed everywhere throughout Tate it was so overwhelming. It smelt so sweet and really fun it set the mood for the show which I loved, to be able to recognise a smell with a special event in your life is such a magical feeling. I am for sure going to buy their new fragrance released in April/May time. The bottle itself and the packaging is adorable. 

We managed to get 2nd row seats and right by the entrance to the catwalk not a perfect place to get good photos but I managed to snap a few.  It was difficult to take photos as well as look and enjoy the show. The collection was almost a mixture of all of their collections, with the repetitive veil, pastel colours, pink and red checkered jacket like their Spring/Summer 12 collection. It had a bit of Baroque from their A/W some bright funky colours from their disco collection. All in all I think it was a successful show to sum up almost an era of what Meadham Kirchhoff stand for. With the release of their fragrance I guess they wanted to summarise their collections and perhaps this gives them some closure on a chapter of their book. Although I feel something bigger and better are in store, we may just have to wait a while for the next big surprise. After all the boys never fail to impress their audience and make their show worth while.

The show finished and we hurried back stage before everyone dispersed. I met Ed and Ben again and got their autograph for this seasons collection. Ed seemed exhausted and not to pleasantly surprised to see me, I don't think he's fond of the fact I run the Twitter fan page, as they try and stay clear from social media as much as they can. I feel I need to apologise in some way if its effecting them. However Ben was lovely to talk to and quite funny as he remembered me from the V&A show. They sprayed the show leaflets with 'Tralala' and I was plastered in it, so much it gave me a numb yet sweet headache for the journey home.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


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