Monday, 22 December 2014

Pipdig Designs

Hey guys, I wanted to introduce to you the marvellous design work of Phil Clothier, Creative Director at Pipdig Designs, yes indeed we share the same surname, not related however. He creates beautiful and immaculate blog designs for Blogspot and Wordpress, for about £29 per layout. I recently bought the 'Infinite' layout and after a while I was unsatisfied by how much it looks similar to other bloggers, clean black and white scheme, so I mixed it up and added the pink tab bar instead. Created a cute tea party header and started filling my blog with pink themed content. I couldn't stress to you enough how quick and helpful Phil's communicated responses were, via email it showed how passionate he is about design. He is friendly and very willing to help you in achieving the desirable blog layout. So if your interested in a blog design, Phil is your guy, you can mail him at or tweet him @pipdig.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x


  1. Thanks Charlotte, your design is looking great! Just goes to show how unique you can make something with a bit of colour and a new header :)

  2. Just got a redesign for my blog from Pipdig. They are so professional. xx Dandy I