Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week

Hey guys, I attended London Fashion Week on the last day which was Tuesday. I wanted to see the Meadham Kirchhoff show, which is always something I look forward to each year. However, this year it was in a discrete location and only a certain amount of guests were invited. I was a bit gutted but it doesn't matter they have to do what they have to do and I will wait again for next year. The collection didn't seem to take my fancy anyway. I met up with Paige at Paddington and we got a bit lost on the tubes but managed to get into Somerset House, I had major butterflies as you never know who is going to be there.

I wore my Baroque dress from Chi Chi Clothing that you can buy here, I tailored it with my accessories for a lovely regal look. I wanted an outfit to match the beautiful Somerset buildings, they are so beautiful. I got this amazing tapestry bag from a local store in my town and it looks similar to Dolce Gabbana. It was a daunting experience the last time I attended London Fashion Week earlier this year. This time it seemed quiet and wasn't very many people around but I was excited to meet Becca Rose TashaGeorgina and Joe. We had a good laugh together and I love her videos with Arabella, they make me laugh so much, what a pair! I got a couple photos taken by the photographers which is always surprisingly nice. I have no idea where the photos will end up though. We all headed up ME London Hotel  for a cup of tea and some french fries. It was good to have a blogger chat with the girls and have a bit of a moan and learn some things from lovely bloggers like Patty.

Paige and I headed over to 'Phonica' for the Meadham Kirchhoff show, we waited for a while with the hope of getting in. Unfortunately we couldn't, I was really disappointed but there is always another year. I think it will be good to plan ahead next time and book a hotel with other bloggers, as travelling 4 hours in a day and not being able to make the most of it was a bit of waste of money. Paige was lucky enough to get a photo with Susie Bubble and we headed to Beyond Retro in Soho for a nosey around. Anyway, check out Paige's Vlog about LFW you'll see me constantly fussing with my fringe and sticking my tongue out...

Lots of love,

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