Tuesday, 2 September 2014

EtailPR Gifting Suite Event

I attending my first gifting suite yesterday hosted by EtailPR it was held in the Hospital Club in Covent Garden and I booked a slot between 6-7pm. It sounded really exciting when I heard celebrities were going to be there and some of my favourite companies such as Motel Rocks and Chi Chi Clothing. However I didn't see them there, the only brands who were gifting were, Blue Vanilla, Quiz Clothing, AX Paris and Love Clothing. I met up with a few bloggers before hand and the lovely Jess from Copper Gardens was there to rescue me after my nerve racking tube journey. After the hoax on twitter I was shaking in my sandals literally, I was looking around for anything suspicious. Everything was fine and I managed to survive. 
(Apologies for the poor quality images, I had to taken my slightly broken mini camera instead of my SLR)

When we all finally got to the event it had seemed like everything was gone, the railings of clothes were a bit bare and tables mostly cleared. If I had known that it was on a first come first served basis I would have arrived earlier to get the most of it. It felt weird walking into a room and nobody is there to really tell you whats happening or what to do. We kind of guessed to start rummaging through clothes rails and boxes for our specific sizes and helped ourselves. I  didn't quite like picking out things without complete permission as it felt intrusive. My biggest fear was taking something that belonged to someone and to my great surprise that actually happened and it was embarrassing. There weren't enough make up brush sets by Black Canvas cosmetics to go around and accidentally took someone else's that was left lying around. Awkward. I mean at this event there was things lying around everywhere and it caused much confusion as to what we can have and can't. 

I picked up a Quiz Clothing goodie bag that was full of wonderful surprises, a discount code, a quiz cookie, Sweet Coconut and Vanilla popcorn and a tiny tea sample. Always count on Quiz for wonderful gifts. I managed to get my blogger mits on these beautiful pieces. A Red and Black dress from a new company starting called Blue Vanilla, Turquoise jumpsuit by Love Clothing that seems a bit too long but I'm sure I'll sort it out. A beautiful contrasted black and white bodycon style dress from AX Paris very D&G I thought. Lastly a red floral dress from Love Clothing that fits to a tea.

Anyway I started talking to the lovely Leigh Travers and we talked about a lot of things in a short space of time, there were other lovely bloggers such as Amy and Emma that stayed towards the end for a catch up. Great to hear Emma will be joining the Welsh Bloggers down here in Cardiff soon, can't wait! On the whole I managed to get some quite nice things and I had to think quickly on the spot if I could put an outfit together with this and if it matched the style of my blog. You really had to grab stuff quick before other bloggers got their hands on it but I wish I had known before hand. It seemed like a far distance just to grab stuff and go so I made the most of it and nattered with Leigh as we walked back to the underground. I didn't get the chance to talk to her before and she is such an inspiration I was glad to get to know her a bit better. 

The train journey home was fun and relaxing I had many compliments and looks as my regal white outfit stood out amongst the gloomy Londoners. The ticket man suggested I should sit in first class as I look very important haha. Then these beautiful Arabic ladies said I looked very Dolce as she pointed to her Leopard Print D&G bag. I love it when you share things in common with strangers and especially bond with your love of fashion. Her little boy stated I looked like a Princess tried to make me laugh and then gave me a Ferraro Rocher. It was a great day and I was thankful to be home safe and sound.