Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week

Hey guys, I attended London Fashion Week on the last day which was Tuesday. I wanted to see the Meadham Kirchhoff show, which is always something I look forward to each year. However, this year it was in a discrete location and only a certain amount of guests were invited. I was a bit gutted but it doesn't matter they have to do what they have to do and I will wait again for next year. The collection didn't seem to take my fancy anyway. I met up with Paige at Paddington and we got a bit lost on the tubes but managed to get into Somerset House, I had major butterflies as you never know who is going to be there.

I wore my Baroque dress from Chi Chi Clothing that you can buy here, I tailored it with my accessories for a lovely regal look. I wanted an outfit to match the beautiful Somerset buildings, they are so beautiful. I got this amazing tapestry bag from a local store in my town and it looks similar to Dolce Gabbana. It was a daunting experience the last time I attended London Fashion Week earlier this year. This time it seemed quiet and wasn't very many people around but I was excited to meet Becca Rose TashaGeorgina and Joe. We had a good laugh together and I love her videos with Arabella, they make me laugh so much, what a pair! I got a couple photos taken by the photographers which is always surprisingly nice. I have no idea where the photos will end up though. We all headed up ME London Hotel  for a cup of tea and some french fries. It was good to have a blogger chat with the girls and have a bit of a moan and learn some things from lovely bloggers like Patty.

Paige and I headed over to 'Phonica' for the Meadham Kirchhoff show, we waited for a while with the hope of getting in. Unfortunately we couldn't, I was really disappointed but there is always another year. I think it will be good to plan ahead next time and book a hotel with other bloggers, as travelling 4 hours in a day and not being able to make the most of it was a bit of waste of money. Paige was lucky enough to get a photo with Susie Bubble and we headed to Beyond Retro in Soho for a nosey around. Anyway, check out Paige's Vlog about LFW you'll see me constantly fussing with my fringe and sticking my tongue out...

Lots of love,

Saturday, 13 September 2014

You are something I should do without, but I won't.

Dress*- AX Paris / Headband- DIY / Earrings- Accessorize / Heels- New Look

Hey guys this post is a bit delayed as I attended Flossy Blogger Event and prioritised that before hand. I couldn't decide on black and white outfits so I tried this one on before the party. The dress is from AX Paris and its a perfect Boss Lady outfit, so says my brother. For a petite lady I wasn't too sure on long skirts but with the heels it adds height to my tiny legs. When worn with flats the skirt is quite restrictive to walk in, heels are a must to add sophistication. I picked the dress up for the gifting suite with Etail PR that I attended a few weeks ago. I felt my age wearing it and I must say its one of my favourite all in one pieces now, even though I don't have a big bottom the bodycon style skirt hugs my figure so you feel like you do have a big one, if you understand. I went back to my amazing location to suit the baroque styling and accessories. Wish I could find more grand places with amazing old architecture if only I lived in Bath...

Lots of love,

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hey guys here is my top six favourite Autumn pieces from Accessorize. They are very Dolce & Gabbana inspired with the whole woodland theme, the key necklace is sold out online and in a few stores but I'm sure the bigger stores will stock them, they are very popular. The woodland scarf looks just like the print on the D&G Maxi dress which is beautifully intricate. I have chosen the burgundy bag and purse because the style of it is very similar to the D&G bags, just without the logo. Hope you like the few items I've picked out and stock up on the new AW wardrobe before they all go.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

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Flossy Monochrome A/W14 Event

Hey everyone, yesterday I went to the Flossy Monochrome Event for their A/W14 Collection. Since receiving a pink pair a couple of months ago I have been in love with them ever since. They were super comfy and perfect for beach weather and a plus they smelt like strawberries. Well Flossy have started to make ones for the darker wintery months and what better way to style a pair of monochrome Flossy's with a basic B&W outfit. Perfect for A/W 14.  The event took place in Milestone Hotel in Kensington and the actual place itself is so beautiful, as I met up with Adora we couldn't keep our eyes from looking right around the historical architecture, it was very inspiring.  We got a bit lost but managed to find our way in the end and appeared very early to get a good seat. The theme was black and white and the room was spectacular. It was in a conservatory style room with black and white matching furniture, it felt like being in a french boudoir. With vintage music playing in the background I found it a very chilling afternoon. Not many bloggers turned up so it was more personal and you could get to know each other a bit better. 

We were served some bubbles from a lovely suited gentlemen and had some nibbles, Adora got her nails done by Ilustrated Nails. I already had falsies on so I just watched. Lots of other bloggers started to arrive such as, Georgina, Lorenne, Lucia Grace, Lela and Shannan. The canapés were being served and Adora and I were ready to tuck in. The tastes were very different which is good to try something new. Our favourites were the cheese and chive mini rolls and the mushroom pie, we also favoured the crispy battered vegetables, yum! Good job Milestone Hotel Chef!  After lots of food and talks about our blogs it was time to head off and take some photos of the beautiful buildings before dark. We grabbed a gift bag that was full of goodies from Barry M, Vita Coco and Batiste. Thanks to Flossy for the wonderful pair of Houndstooth Flossy's, I love them.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Vals de las flores

Floral Dress*- Vesper Dresses/ Earrings- Accessorize/ Headband- DIY/ Heels- New Look/ Bag- New Look

Hey guys, I ventured off into my nearest Castle to take photos of this beautiful dress by Vesper. The print reminded me of Dolce Gabbana's Baroque collection when they explored the beautiful regal tapestry designs. I never really found any pieces that I liked at that time I was very much into the black and gold theme instead. Anyway I spotted this dress thanks to Kitch and Honey and managed to get my hands on it. I was very doubtful as to whether it would fit me, I'm anxious when it comes to maxi dresses being only 4'9 if they will suit me or not. This one seemed to fit perfectly however I'm really not used to dresses being so long I feel very sophisticated and grown up. I might adjust the length so I can wear it out to the night clubs or use as an everyday dress. Mainly because as I tried climbing up stairs and such it was very restricted even walking fast in flats was a challenge. Yet again Dolce has inspired this outfit and if you haven't seen the favourite D&G Baroque collection view it on the video below.

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Lots of love,