Friday, 1 August 2014

Darccy London/ Giveaway

Earrings- River Island / Necklace- River Island / Shoes- New Look / Dress*- Darccy London / Headband- Primark

Hey guys, I just couldn't wait to show you this dress from Darccy London, I've blogged about them previously they are my favourite company of all time. Its such a vintage princess shop and one day I must go and visit them on Portobello Road in London. This dress is perfectly fitted to my body shape and my petite height. The pink a line skirt and the lace long sleeved top perfectly matched together with an embroidered style belt. It just portrays elegance and femininity and it would be perfect to wear to a Wedding. In fact the day I took these photo at my local hotel, there was a wedding that day and everyone was asking if I was too early for the wedding. I quickly took photos on the red carpet that was laid out for the Bride and dreamt of their magical day. I took a look inside and it was so old and reminded me of Downton Abbey. It makes me so excited as well that my Dad has finally got engaged to his partner and soon there shall be a wedding and I can't wait, I love all the dreamy soppy romantic stuff. Even though your always seemed as weak or vulnerable being a believer in love and destiny, but the role model Charlotte York from Sex and the City has given me hope to not give up when things get tough and when sometimes they just don't work out between two people and that's ok because the best is yet to come.

Giving away this beautiful Lace Dress by Darccy London, to enter you must do all of the following:
-Follow Darccy London on Instagram,
-Follow Darccy London on Twitter
-Like Darccy London on Facebook.
-Tweet, 'I just entered @CharClothier giveaway with @DarccyLondon,

For your chance to win this beautiful Princess Dress, leave a comment below saying you have done all of the above and the giveaway will close next Sunday 10th August 2014 at 8pm.

Lots of love,


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p.s (Instagram deleted my account because I posted an 'indecent' photo of my bottom covered in a black body con which was supposedly not ok, I can't get another account and I didn't even have it for a week, but oh well like I said something things just aren't meant to be.)


  1. It's a pity you have to do ALL the things. I don't have Twitter or instagram, and it would seem silly to make one just for giveaways :/
    That hotel looks so lovely! It seems like a great place for photos

  2. Hi Charlotte, I've done all the things and now I'm commenting too :) Thanks for the competition, it's a gorgeous dress so I have my fingers crossed xox

  3. I've done them all !!! :D i have followed on instagram ( @mialovesross ) On Facebook ( Mia Jade Fergusson ) and on Twitter @StrawberryChews , and i have tweeted , Thank you so much for the chance of winning this fantastic giveaway !!!! XxxXxXx

  4. You're looking like a princess! Perfect dress!

  5. Lovely dress, you're looking good girlfriend! I have a little giveaway going on my blog as well if you wanna enter :) xx