Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Be as free as the bird and beautiful as a flower

Dress*- Love Clothing / Bow Headband- Claires / Blue Bag*- OASAP / Pink Pumps*- Flossy Style Shoes / C Necklace- Claires

Hey guys, so it was a slow start to July with blogging as I took some time to spoil myself. I had lots of lovely relaxing baths, face packs, listened to music. I wanted July to be that time where I started to exercise more so all the tension and stress from the break up was released in a good way. I have felt the benefits of it so far and are good it helps a lot! I know I am quite petite so not much weight too lose, but you still have to make sure your insides are healthy too! 

Anyway this post is pretty exciting to me as I have won my first twitter competition with Love Clothing, I tweeted them on Monday and won a free dress with #LoveMondays. I was so surprised and over the moon when they contacted me, with a beautiful selection of pieces I had to choose this Oriental Floral Print Dress. It's design was beautiful and very summery. I have a soft spot for intricate prints with close detailing of flowers or birds. 

I got a pair of Pink Flossys a while back, but wasn't too sure on the fit. I have very narrow thin feet which I take after my Dad so its always difficult to find perfectly fitted shoes. These Flossys are a size 4 and are a bit baggy but are so comfortable, they are also strawberry scented! I think next time I will try a size 3 but for now they are perfect for wearing on the beach or down by the swimming pool as they are easy to slip off and on. 


  1. Congratulation, the dress is beautiful! You have an amazing outfit, it looks comfortable and summery. But how can the shoes have a scent?

  2. I love that dress with the bag, they're both soo pretty!
    I've given you a follow, your blog is lovely :)

    Louise /

  3. Love this dress on you!! Chic up sweetie he is a fool <3