Tuesday, 10 June 2014


 White Nike Sports Bra- NIKE / Black and White Joggers - PRIMARK / Sandals- NEW LOOK

Heya guys, as you can see I'm still rocking the sports luxe look. I have literally spent all my money to revamp my wardrobe. Anyway with a whole new wardrobe I'm feeling like a different person, its great to have the chance to change yourself. I never knew after a break up it could shatter a women's confidence entirely. But with the right fashion style and lots of comfort food I'm getting better, at least the anger part has faded a bit now. I just don't feel anything anymore, I have more love for junk food than boys. As you can see from my bot belly, that needs toning asap. The top is from JD Sports, its a proper sports bra so I can feel supported and not wear a bra probably the whole point of it. But it feels so good to not wear a tight bra everyday and get away with this. Wish bra's were like so last year and no female had to wear them, and it was just acceptable, they are so uncomfy. The joggers are from Primark and were the only ones left, I love them. Going from wearing skinny jeans all the time and to baggy pants that are beyond comfortable its weird to put a pair of jeans back on.

Lots of love,
Charlotte xo

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