Monday, 9 June 2014

Leave that boy alone

Hey, this look was inspired by Rhianna's look here. I can remember the days when I used to shop in Tammy Girl for wide flared trousers and mesh tops. I have evidential photographs from at my 8th birthday whilst rocking those bucket hats. That you see every RnB artist rocking right now, from the likes of Chris Brown in the music video Loyal. I tried one on and they are hideous, I looked like a fisherman, how they are now fashionable I will never know, they suit some people but not me. However I did seem to rock it back in the 90s. I love it when past trends make a hit in the present day seasons, it makes me feel so nostalgic and proud to rock it. Anyway I got this little matching number from the market near my Uni house, it cost me £20, I love those tacky market stalls where they sell rip off tops from Boy London, or Jack Daniels. I've always took a fancy to fake brands. The white heels are from Fashion Union, and they are remarkable high, you need strong calves to walk in them, unlike my skinny chicken legs. The hat I bought from Amazon, shame it wasn't the original Boy London. Ah well fake it till you make it!

Lots of love,
Charlotte xo

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  1. I remember mesh tops.. I had a couple haha

    I love this look! Those heels are so killer.

  2. So fierce! I love it!

  3. That two piece looks stunning on you <3

    The Quirky Queer