Thursday, 22 May 2014


Hey guys, so after six years of being in relationships I can say I am finally alone, the thought used to terrify me that I would hang on to people even when it wasn't working. Now I have time to focus on myself, figure out who I am, what I like. I don't have to dress up girly and attractive for a guy anymore, I can be me without trying to prove anything to anyone. Honestly I found it so confidence shattering being with guys I always just felt trapped. I'm pretty much a wild girl and I like to be free, pretty much how Lana describes herself in the monologue to the song 'Ride'. My new found style matches my attitude, my mood it seems to just click for me right now. I don't feel that magic that I used to living in the countryside, down here in the City, I love the urban side. I have taken a liken to the relaxed sports luxe trend that has been emerging this year, I'm probably a few months late, but I've noticed a few pieces are still flooding the shops. WGSN has influenced me a lot with current trends, I will do a post on it later on and perhaps that will inspire you guys. It seems quite weird to go from pretty pink dresses, to this urban gangster style, but it has always been a part of me. Being raised by three brothers who live in this kind of clothing I always had a checkered shirt tied around my waist with a baseball cap on as a child. So this does feel like a big step from what you guys may already know my blog for. Perhaps I will do some vintage inspired shoots when I go back to the countryside, but for now I'm going to start building up a new wardrobe. Isn't that fashion is for to be able to completely reinvent your character whenever you want?

Lots of love,
Charlotte xo

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  1. You go girl! I know this is probably a hard time for you, but you go for doing what you want and what's best for you.
    I love this side of you as well! You look so relaxed and comfortable, I'm excited to see what other looks you have in store!

  2. fashion is definitely all about being able to morph and express yourself! Glad to hear that you are feeling free, it's never good to feel trapped. X

  3. You took my breath away.

  4. You do you, Charlotte! It would be crazy to think that by 20 something you already knew exactly who you are and that you would stay that person forever. Life is pretty much a journey we go through and discover different parts of us along the way. Plus, style is an ever evolving thing. Besides all of that, you still look very pretty, and bad ass as well!

  5. I honestly believe you should be your own best friend. There's a freedom being alone can bring that other people just can't replicate. Enjoy it before love finds you again :)

    Also this helped me out alot, food for thought...