Thursday, 3 April 2014

Vanity Show Cardiff 13th April

Hey everyone, I have started to get involved with projects around where I live in South Wales. I've recently written a piece for the Fashion/Style feature for  March & Aprils Issue of Swansea Life Magazine. Which is really exciting, it means going out into the town and scouting people with not just style but the whole package, the beauty the style and the attitude to go with it. It was so great to interact with people, take their photos and see the work being published in a local magazine. Now I'm off to some exciting events happening on the Sunday 13th April. Firstly there is the Vanity Show in Cardiff Stadium, from 10am-5pm. Which looks so good, there are going to be lots of local stands such as Honey Bee Beautiful many more natural beauty product companies. Which is what its all about ladies, natural remedies and none of those nasty chemicals put into those cosmetics. Natalee Harris, from the infamous Welsh TV show 'The Valleys' is going to be there revealing her new tanning product 'Natalee Loves'. If I may say so its not something I love watching but its a like marmite, sometimes I hate watching it and sometimes it makes me laugh so much, got to support the Welshies though haven't we. say If your interested in having a nosy look around on one lazy Sunday afternoon, quickly book your tickets today.  Follow Vanity Show for more information on Twitter & Facebook.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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