Sunglasses*- OASAP| Dress* OASAP| Bullet Necklace*- OASAP| Boots*- CHOIES

Hey guys, isn't the print on this dress just so beautiful, it reminds me of floral/cosmic watercolour painting. I was so excited to show you it, I styled it with some quirky accessories like the bullet necklace and the sunglasses were similar to the pair that I saw Kavita rock over on her Paris post, even though they were from Wildfox instead, I just had to get some. So I managed to get a black pair from OASAP and I've also been after a Jeffrey Campbell Chunky Mulder style boots for ages and managed to get a look alike pair from Choies. Its hard judging sizes from foreign companies as I've explained before, this dress is quite big on me, but I guess I can rock the oversized style instead. The boots were bit too small for me but I think I've worn them in now and they are wearable. Overall this is an edgy outfit that I wouldn't normally wear as an everyday look, but I felt great strutting around like a pretentious hipster.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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Charlotte Clothier


  1. I love this outfit! everything about it is so so pretty! You look stunning, thank you for sharing :)! xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  2. I've been thinking about getting this dress because it's quite quirky, but since it's so bold, I'm not sure whether I'll wear it as often!
    Gorgeous look though (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  3. So pretty!! I have this dress too, it's one of my favourites and you've styled it perfectly. I also love your boots :) xx

  4. This is such a gorgeous look, love the sunnies and the boots <3

  5. The print of this dress is gorgeous! Totally agree with you that it looks cosmic, digital prints are the best. xx

    ☾ ☾

  6. The print on that dress is gorgeous!

  7. love the dress! really love your style!
    following you hun!