Monday, 17 February 2014

Four Favourites/ Accessorize

Hello Everyone, hope February has been kind to you besides the atrocious weather we've had. Its been so dangerous to even walk beyond the front door without the fear of being blown away. Thats why I haven't managed to take any outfit posts in a while. On top of that February has always been a tough month, my Mother passed away in 2004 and as I'm getting older now and starting to share the same interests, I wish she was here to go clothes shopping and to hang out. She used to love Accessorize and especially Monsoon,  it was my favourite shop as a child and everything seemed like it was golden treasure found from over seas. It was delicate, unique and I was in captivated. So now I often browse on Accessorize for pieces to dream over, they are still quite expensive but very precious. Perhaps it's coincidence but they always create pieces tailored to my taste. For example this clutch is called Charlotte and its my dream clutch, its pink and full of Diamanties and beads.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


  1. Some fab picks there Charlotte! I love them all, but those jewelled clutches are just divine. x

  2. Great Picks!

  3. All these pieces are beautiful, bet your mum is proud of you! :) xo