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Heya I've decided that now its a new year I am in need of the necessities. For example buying cute socks with animals on them is a must for 2014, there are so many on Accessorize to choose from. I still have a soft spot for Filigree Dolce & Gabbana inspired pieces and I found this amazing notebook on WhSmith. I'm always in need of notebooks, being a Virgo star sign I need everything to be scheduled and planned out. I also discovered that the Turkish Clutch from Accessorize is finally in the sale, down from £37 to £18 which I think is a perfect price for this small party bag. I shall be purchasing this as soon the student loan comes in. New diaries are a must for a student and these Moleskine ones are the best I've ever bought, the layout inside is magnificent, it has everything you need. I used to buy flimsy ones from pound shops that would fall apart, but these are reliable and worth the money. I found a really cute Victoriana Wall Calendar that would be good to keep track of how much I spend per week, being a student balancing finances is a must, and for me I need to make sure I keep on track of this.

Whilst mooching around on the Cath Kidston sale I came across this rose make up bag thats worth buying. My recent make up bag has become a bit gross throughout the year and these CK ones are easy to wash and wipe away any loose make up. Pink fluffy jumpers, they are really trying to push winter pastels in the the seasons trends, I personally haven't seen anyone wearing light clothes around town. I used to rock a white mohair one from H&M but as soon as I washed it it went bobbly. But mohair jumpers are my favourite they are so cuddly and they also annoy my boyfriend hehe.  Money banks, yes this is a must for 2014 to collect up those pennies, they are your best friends! I would love to purchase a floral flask this year, so I can take my chai tea into uni. They have a Costa machine but its never the same as what you make at home.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte x
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Charlotte Clothier


  1. Love love love these picks, especially the jumper and bag!

  2. You found some great things! ♥ I love the Cath Kidston makeup bag, but I love anything CK and floral. :) Love the flask as well, I need to buy one for uni too - such a great idea!

    Abigail x

  3. I love your finds, they are so cute!


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  4. love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)
    anyway, would you like to follow each other?