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#OOTD / Swansea Street Style

Tweed Blazer- H&M| Burgundy Trousers- TOPSHOP| Chelsea Boots- NEWLOOK| Vintage Scarf- Grandmother| White Blouse- H&M| Bag- Vintage

Hey everyone, this post is going to be a bit of a long post but it shows you guys what I've been up to. 
I teamed up with Photographer Ffion Peters and we Style scouted Swansea Streets for Trendy People. I've always wanted to have the chance to do this especially in a Town. Ever since I came remember being featured in a few Fashion Magazines in 2012, I knew how excited and flattering it can be. I've also have this deep rooted need to help people in what ever way I can. If its by giving them style advice tips or even complimenting them and making them see the positives within themselves. I believe its so important to talk to other people about style and fashion and what inspires you, what drives you, whether it being a nostalgic vintage era or even modern or urban trends, its great to keep the fashion cycle flowing. I can't believe how much confidence Swansea has given me with regards to making my dreams start to actually become reality. To be able to have the chance to work for Swansea Life Magazine was a great opportunity to get these ideas and dreams rolling. To care about what you wear and how you wear it, or should I say how you carry yourself, is one of the things that stood out for Ffion and I whilst selecting this lovely bunch. Whether it being a good posture, smile or the amount of thought put into their outfits, they definitely shined in the midst rainy Welsh Weather. 

Lastly Ffion managed to capture a few blog photos for me to post, and her new lens which creates that blurred background effect which is something I've been longer for. Its made me want to go out and buy one, the photos are much stronger with just something easily created by a lens. Even though a new one costs about £150 it would be worth it. When I  knew I was taking photos today I tried to look quite fashionable yet sophisticated as I think if your asking people to be featured in a Fashion Magazine they will look at what your wearing and how you present yourself. If you dressed scruffy they wouldn't take you seriously. So I wore my Tweed Blazer from H&M and a vintage scarf from my Grandmother tied around my neck.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte x

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Weeks inspiration: Leanne's Blog Post, certainly something to think about.

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 (Lauren Pitson)
Photography by Ffion Peters
Lauren captured us as her luscious long hair blew in the wind past Topshop. We had to stop her quickly to take a snap of that gorgeous red tartan dress that flattered her dark locks and pale completion.  I love her vintage school girl style and her black dr martens really brought the edge to the outfit.

 (Marc Roach)
Photography by Ffion Peters
Marc caught our attention when he walked fashionably into Topman. We admired the carefree attitude of Marc and the way he matches colours and details in his outfit. For example the camel timberland style boots contrasted so well with the yellow hues in his checked shirt. The quirky details such as the white socks showing, vintage green shades and the leopard print backpack made this style very unique in Swansea.

(Shazia Khan)
Photography by Ffion Peters
We saw this beautiful lady from a far and had to get a quick snap immediately. The sun shone down on her and illuminated her smile which is most important to every outfit. We loved Shazia's cosy green trench coat and it contrasted well with her brown chelsea boots and leopard scarf. This colour pallet complimented her gorgeous skin tone.

 (Linda Benaiad)
Photography by Ffion Peters
For ages we were in admiring Linda's perfect wintery outfit and just had to take a shot before she got away. Her thick knitted fishmen jumper and blue jeans combo made her outfit look cosy and warm. Her camel trench jacket and black victorian style boots finished off this outfits relaxed feel. It was also brilliant to capture a french girl in Swansea!

(Rhys Gudgeon)
Rhys styled this brilliant modern mixed vintage outfit, with an old style tan satchel and old dr marten style boots. Yet again the trench coat even wins the hearts of Swansea's guys.

We spotted Murbarak outside Costa, casually chilling with his black ray ban styled sunglasses, we inspired by their laid back attitude whilst sipping coffee. What I admire about Murbarak's style is his bright colour choice, the light coloured trousers compliment his skin tone, and the contrasted blue puffy jacket with the salmon jumper really brightens up the city. He stood out amongst the mens fashion as he braved this summery choices in the midst of winter, whilst other men resort to darker shades of navy and reds. 

Hamad was a friend of Mubaraks, both casually sat outside Costa Coffee. He displays his chilled attitude with his brown slippers, although perhaps worn they surprisingly seem to go with his outfit. Hamad's grey jumper flatters his skin tone and his winter coat choice of a Lacoste puffer jacket really brings the laid back outfit together.

 (Lily Chen)
Photography by Ffion Peters
We saw Lily walk out of Zara and fell in love with her style. Her oversized cardigan and stone grey jumper radiated warmth on a such a cold day. We admired her bravery to wear those cute black bow loafers with no socks, her black leggings bring length and elongate her height which is matched well with the oversized cardigan style.

(Lucie Kurinova)
This Czech beauty blew us away with her Faux Fur Gilet, we had spotted a few Ladies wearing them around the City but Lucie stood out for us. Her bubbly energy radiated through her style and its captured in her smile. We admired her bravery to wear quirky Green Trousers that contrasts with the colours in her illustrated T-Shirt choice. The details  of her outfit such as the Tanned Studded Boots to even her Sumo Bun hairstyle really made this outfit unique. 

 (James Barker)
Photography by Ffion Peters
One of our Eldest Street Style choices of the day but James's basic yet trendy style stood out. His Grey Fisherman Knit Jumper and Black turned up Trousers made a Vintage yet modern twist to his outfit. His Shoe choice was something we picked up on straight away, a few Men around Swansea had great choice of outfit but their Footwear let them down. However James's plain yet stylish Footwear brings this outfit together and he tailors it off beautifully with a Vibrant Blue Fred Perry Jacket.

 (Kate Lloyd)
Photography by Ffion Peters
Kate's monotone coloured outfit choice had a formal yet sophisticated style to it. We loved her high waisted black skirt that complimented her shape and her statement necklace layered underneath her white collared blouse. Her oversized tanned bag is a must being a busy university student.

(Yannick Buka)
Photography by Ffion Peters
Lastly Yannick fashionably carried his style towards Zara as he went to spoil her gorgeous son. We waited around for him and managed to capture his outfit. Yannick had a cool yet sporty feel to his look, his Gilet and trainers added these elements and it broke up the denim on denim combo which sometimes can either be a yay or nay. But he manages it to rock it with his aviator shades and black v neck style tee.

Photo of Ffion Peters taken by me :)
Photography by Ffion Peters

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