Hey guys, I am really busy with my university work at the moment so I am going to quickly inform you about the Meadham Kirchhoff collaboration. They are releasing the collection tomorrow Thursday 21st November, I am so excited. Don't get me wrong I love all their colourful 70s inspired clothes, but they capture my heart with sharing the same love for witchy/ victorian fashion. Also whilst knowing that the boys are always so passionate about not conforming to the whole commercialism of fashion. This is something I admire because they remain magical. This idea that comes across to me how we are exposed to fashion constantly that its starting to lose its meaning and everyone is becoming bored. However Meadham Kirchhoff just know how to keep things interesting and alive. Each collection casts a spell and I am happy that they are collaborating with Topshop but at the same time quite sad that they have to tap into to the industry to be able to sell some of their pieces so they can generate these beautiful fashion shows for us. That way I understand but I know that they have created some really eccentric garments that only a very few people will be able to pull off and obviously feel confident enough to stand out. I have selected a few pieces that I would obviously buy in a second if I had the money. Sadly its coming to the end of the year and thus meaning I have no money. I hope it doesn't sell out, but I have a feeling they will.

Also Meadham Kirchhoff have collaborated with Amazon finally!
The scarves are priced at £75 each but its so worth it if your a Meadham Kirchhoff fanatic like myself.


  1. May just have to buy some things from that Topshop collection <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  2. I both wanted and feared this to happen! It's so whimsical yet so expensive :/ Love the powder pink babydoll...


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