Hey guys, so I've been searching high and low around the shops for Gold and Black accessories for my outfits. I have realised I keep wearing the same thing and now I need some new pieces. Anyway I firstly browsed in Topshop and to my undergoing surprise it was full of Spiky, Aztec, Hipster jewellery. Which I'm sorry to say I can't stand. I discovered a few unique pieces but they were a bit expensive and for someone like me who occasionally wears jewellery I definitely wouldn't consider wasting my money on them.

I wondered over to Miss Selfridge had no luck there, then onwards to Primark, only to find some red and green jewelled rings that look like those plastic party ones. Finally my next stop was New Look and I found the most gorgeous baroque section. I love to see how the high street shops take inspiration from catwalk trends and try and reproduce similar styles of jewellery/ clothing for our benefit. When you finally see the connections between the both it becomes exciting. Only recently I have actually started looking closely and seeing which styles and trends come from each designers. Previously it wouldn't interest me and I would just pick what I liked to wear.

However now you can see I am infatuated with Dolce and Gabbana, so here we have it, the final destination to my treasure hunt. In total cost I got three pieces for £15 from New Look. They work great as a set and even the check out lady was inspired, I informed her that D&G were sporting it, hopefully they will now make the shop window display. I know £15 is a lot of money to spend on jewellery and as a poor student, now with bills to pay I was really quite naughty in splurging out my cash. I promise I wont buy anymore! The last shop I browsed in was Accessorize, knowing after I  purchased my dreamy Baroque earrings last year. Its been my favourite jewellery shop since I was young. Its such a magical shop it can be expensive but its intricate detail and uniqueness of each pieces makes it all worth while
I hope I can help you guys with discovering some hidden beauties.

Lots of love,

1. Gold Filigee Multi Chain Necklace/ 2. Gold Baboushka Filigree Drop Earrings/3. Black and Gold Orante Oval Gem Ring/ 4. Gold Filigree Cross Pendant Necklace/ 5. Gold Ornate Double Ring/ 6. Black and Gold Draped Chain Stone Chandelier Earrings/ 7. Black Velvet Baroque Pendant Choker Necklace/ 8.Gold Filigree Cross Drop Earrings

Check out this amazing Turkish Treasure Zip Top Clutch it should belong to a Byzantine Princess. 

Charlotte Clothier


  1. This is favorite! <3 all those accessories look perfect i cant event choose my favorite one, all are perfect :)

  2. Love this post! I need a pair of these cross earrings! *w*

  3. Bag is stunning! <3
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  4. Lovely choices here. Those websites have so much to offer.
    The choker is my favorite.