Hey Guys this is just a quick blog post, I've been browsing through the online store called Little Mistress after remembering what a beautiful gown I had bought from their in the summer. The prices are quite high but the quality of the dress is beautiful and they really are a necessity in your wardrobe! I know it sounds cliche but when I put on my LM dress I feel like a Princess, you can see it in my post here. Now I'm after a darker coloured one, more baroque/ vamp style and I luckily came across these beautiful Little Mistress dress collection on Littlewoods. I was lucky enough to buy the Lace Skater dress and pay later, whilst being a student and all that, I thought might as well give it a go. So in a couple of months time now I will have enough money to pay it off. I guess there are positive and negative ways about it but at least I have the dress.


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