Friday, 25 October 2013



Lipstick in 'Wicked'- TOPSHOP| Bibbed Blouse- URBAN OUTFITTERS| Baroque Woollen Cardigan- RIVER ISLAND| Black Leggings- H&M| Black Chelsea Boots- NEW LOOK| Cross Necklace- NEW LOOK| Earrings- ACCESSORIZE| Gold Baroque Ring- NEW LOOK| DIY Gold Gem Bag- VINTAGE| Gold Name Necklace- ONECKLACE

Hey guys, this post took a while to put to together as I came back home for the weekend to babysit my niece. The internet is so slow in the countryside, I edited these whilst on the train home on Thursday. Anyway I would like to discuss some issues I am having with Lookbook if any of you use it as much as I do sometimes you start to become dependent on it. If your look doesn't receive much hype or comments you start to question whether your look/style is good enough. I came to a conclusion that there seems to be a circle in which only the popular users get enough exposure and shared via LB Twitter and Facebook account. Its boring to see the same faces and style on the hot page. I know this is a bit of a rant but its seriously been diminishing my confidence lately. I used to reach quite a lot of hype this time last year and now its all become mundane to the point where I ask myself is it really worth continuing my account on there. I just wanted to see if anyone else felt this way. If you would like to continue on this topic you can mail me, or tweet me.

I've always been interested in the 'what we don't see' or know about the media. I often feel they censor what is and whats not to be shown. Its as if no matter how hard we work in the blogosphere you will never really get noticed unless you fit into a certain stereotype of category. Even in the popular fashion magazines they never seem to interest me. However I have found comfort over on Chictopia, you see different types of styles, even amounts of exposure to new and old users, everyone has a voice and it seems all equal. I sometimes think, maybe there is a reason why Lookbook isn't being so kind to me, to prove that I should focus more on my blog followers and reply to each of your comments. That is just what I plan on continuing with. Some of you may have noticed the other day I went on a huge blogging spree and followed most of you back! 

Anyway back to the outfit, its just a quick put together of a few pieces I got over 1/2 years ago. The Bibbed Blouse is from Urban Outfitters, its one of my favourites, you can wear it with Leggings or tuck it into a Skirt. I'm always on the hunt for Edwardian School Girl type Blouses. Miss Selfridge is one of the high street shops I always check for Victorian or Edwardian styled Blouses. The Cardigan is one of my favourites and is from River Island in a sale last October. My Dad bought me new boots from New Look in a sort of a Chelsea Style with a heel I just love them so much. The cross necklace is part of a new collection over at New Look and the earrings are from Accessorize.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Hey Guys this is just a quick blog post, I've been browsing through the online store called Little Mistress after remembering what a beautiful gown I had bought from their in the summer. The prices are quite high but the quality of the dress is beautiful and they really are a necessity in your wardrobe! I know it sounds cliche but when I put on my LM dress I feel like a Princess, you can see it in my post here. Now I'm after a darker coloured one, more baroque/ vamp style and I luckily came across these beautiful Little Mistress dress collection on Littlewoods. I was lucky enough to buy the Lace Skater dress and pay later, whilst being a student and all that, I thought might as well give it a go. So in a couple of months time now I will have enough money to pay it off. I guess there are positive and negative ways about it but at least I have the dress.

Friday, 18 October 2013


Hey guys, so I've been searching high and low around the shops for Gold and Black accessories for my outfits. I have realised I keep wearing the same thing and now I need some new pieces. Anyway I firstly browsed in Topshop and to my undergoing surprise it was full of Spiky, Aztec, Hipster jewellery. Which I'm sorry to say I can't stand. I discovered a few unique pieces but they were a bit expensive and for someone like me who occasionally wears jewellery I definitely wouldn't consider wasting my money on them.

I wondered over to Miss Selfridge had no luck there, then onwards to Primark, only to find some red and green jewelled rings that look like those plastic party ones. Finally my next stop was New Look and I found the most gorgeous baroque section. I love to see how the high street shops take inspiration from catwalk trends and try and reproduce similar styles of jewellery/ clothing for our benefit. When you finally see the connections between the both it becomes exciting. Only recently I have actually started looking closely and seeing which styles and trends come from each designers. Previously it wouldn't interest me and I would just pick what I liked to wear.

However now you can see I am infatuated with Dolce and Gabbana, so here we have it, the final destination to my treasure hunt. In total cost I got three pieces for £15 from New Look. They work great as a set and even the check out lady was inspired, I informed her that D&G were sporting it, hopefully they will now make the shop window display. I know £15 is a lot of money to spend on jewellery and as a poor student, now with bills to pay I was really quite naughty in splurging out my cash. I promise I wont buy anymore! The last shop I browsed in was Accessorize, knowing after I  purchased my dreamy Baroque earrings last year. Its been my favourite jewellery shop since I was young. Its such a magical shop it can be expensive but its intricate detail and uniqueness of each pieces makes it all worth while
I hope I can help you guys with discovering some hidden beauties.

Lots of love,

1. Gold Filigee Multi Chain Necklace/ 2. Gold Baboushka Filigree Drop Earrings/3. Black and Gold Orante Oval Gem Ring/ 4. Gold Filigree Cross Pendant Necklace/ 5. Gold Ornate Double Ring/ 6. Black and Gold Draped Chain Stone Chandelier Earrings/ 7. Black Velvet Baroque Pendant Choker Necklace/ 8.Gold Filigree Cross Drop Earrings

Check out this amazing Turkish Treasure Zip Top Clutch it should belong to a Byzantine Princess. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013



Black Cape-Topshop| Black Stud Bag- OASAP| DIY Headband| Earrings- Accessorize| Necklace- Claires| Black Lace Top- Topshop| Black Skirt- Miss Selfridge| Rapid Ruby Nail Varnish- Rimmel| Wicked Lipstick- Topshop| Black Boots- Newlook

Hey guys, sorry I have changed the layout again, but I am going to stick with this one, I probably say that all the time but I really love this whole dark romantic look at the moment. I have been creating more of these headbands would anyone be interested in buying one? Its very Dolce & Gabbana inspired. It was such a cold crisp autumn today and I wondered down to the church in the centre of town. I really love walking around churches they are so peaceful and have the most beautiful stained glass windows and on a sunny days they make rainbows all over the walls, its so pretty. I dug out my black cape to wear now its getting a bit colder and I really do feel like I'm in a vampire movie. I can't wait for Halloween, can't you tell? 

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


Saturday, 12 October 2013


Hey Guys, this is a quick inspirational post I've been hiding these photos on my desktop for a while and  I thought its about time to show you them, if you haven't already seen Dolce & Gabbana's AW14 collection, here are a few of my favourites. I love the whole dark royal look, it was Baroque last fall and this year its about owning the throne, being a strong independent women, wearing bold colours and jewels. I also love how they always incorporate historical elements such as the Venetian & Byzantine Mosaics from Twelfth Century Cathedrals. Take a look at the catwalk show with the beautiful soundtrack courtesy of Nino Rota.  Photos sourced from WGSN.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte x