Sunglasses-URBAN OUTFITTERS| Embellished Top- MISS SELFRIDGE| White Jeans- MISS SELFRIDGE| Nude T-Bar Heels- NEW LOOK| Brown Leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge

Hey everyone, this outfit was taken in a nearby street at my new university house. I thought I'd see how it goes and take some shots in public. It was so awkward, my house is in the centre of town so its very busy! Cars driving everywhere and people looking at what I'm doing, I must look like a made women taking photos of herself. Well anyway I awkwardly captured only a very few snaps in a very cutesy outfit. It was quite funny because these skater boys came over with their cameras and took photos of me from a distance but didn't come up and offer to help, typical. I wish I could just gain the confidence back to take them on the streets and not to give a damn.

This outfit is basically all from Miss Selfridge, the White Skinny Jeans I got in the sale, I normally just ruin white clothing instantly, but they fitted perfectly and I couldn't leave them in the shop, the Embellished top I also bought from the sale. Its got to be one of my favourite type of decoration on garments, perhaps because I just love detailing so much and Embellishing allows for intricate and beautiful patterns. I tailored it off with some Nude T-Bar Heels from New Look, which are very worn out now, I really do need to get some more shoes in my life, its something I lacking in. But anyway Miss Selfridge is the place to shop if your quite petite like myself, I can never find jeans that fit length wise and these fit like a glove.

Also I've been listening to Ariana Grande's new album called 'Yours Truly' its definitely one of my favourite albums right now, I cant stop listening to it. Her vocals are romantic and her lyrics are relatable, she reminds me of a young Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. You can listen to her full album here.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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  1. You look beautiful charlotte! <3 that top is so lovely

  2. that top is so pretty, goes perfectly with the white jeans!

  3. So pretty, and yeah it is awkward when people just stop and watch you... <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  4. ahhh same thing happened yesterday to me, people are so nosey!!! it's quite amazing really! but I am simply loving this outfit and those shoes!! great shots! all my shots got kicked to curb! think I was having an off day and they were out of focus! boo!

    Ariana Grande is so beautiful totally gonna listen to that album now! thanks for the heads up! x


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