Hey everyone, this post is dedicated to my beautiful Russia Doll Ivanova, we recently spoke on Twitter whilst noticing that we were both going through some kind of relationship turmoil. A Summer of heartbreak wasn't on the agenda but you can't help what your heart feels. When some one doesn't love you back you have to let go. These photos are a depiction of loving the beauty of nature and life itself and to appreciate how comforting mother nature can be when you are feeling lonely. If your like me and you chose love over girlfriends you'll find that your lacking in female company when you need it most. But there are many girls online that are in the same situation and its amazing to know your not alone.  To depend on someone to make you happy and they suddenly dont want to be a part of your life anymore can have devastating effects. But you have to be strong and surround yourself with family and positive people it will help to inspire you. I don't want to know of any of my girl followers to be crying over a boy and not being able to live their life because of them. You can do this, heartbreak is only bad if you let it. You can control if you want to unhappy over a dumb boy! I know it is really hard and you blame yourself and you miss the good memories you spent together, but there is a reason why that didn't continue. Its for you to learn about how strong you are and it allows space for someone to walk into your life who will appreciate you dearly.

 It is hard to understand how love works, and its more complicated than what we see in films or books. But as young delicate souls we are wishing everyday to settle and to be comfortable, but don't be afraid of change! Embrace it and look forward. Appreciate those happy ever after stories and movies but realise sometimes they are unrealistic but it does happen and you could be the lucky one.
 Be around those who understand you and do what you love! Share your secrets and heartbreaks with girlfriends, and if you don't have any close girlfriends like myself, make pen friends! you could always email me. I don't think I could 100% make you happy but I will listen and sometimes that is all we need in this world! 

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


  1. beautiful photos and i love the dress! First photos amazing

    Hayley xx

  2. That place looks truly amazing, love the dress btw :)

  3. you blow me away, these shots and that outfit is magical.

    I know a couple of people who have suddenly broken up with their boyf recently.

    I've been there it's simply devastating you constantly question yourself what you could have done, where it went wrong, and keep replaying the last couple of weeks in your head.

    My last heartbreak 4 years ago completely changed who i was as a person and I learnt so much, I now look back it really was the best thing that could have happened to me. Sending you lots of love and hoping you're ok xxxxxx

  4. The pictures are amazing!
    Remind me of a fairy tale with a princess :)
    And in fairy tales the princess always finds her perfect prince ;D



  5. Oh charlotte :( it's devastating but time heals it all! I hope you feel better you beautiful girl!! These shots as unbelievable! you are such an inspiration <3

  6. These pictures are so beautiful! ♥

  7. Charlotte these photos are beautiful. They remind me of a fairy tale :) I totally agree with your words and thank you for being there when I haven't had anyone else (other than my Mum) to turn to. Nobody seems to stick around in my life for much longer than a week and I don't understand why because I'm not a bad person. I totally do devote my life to any person I'm in a relationship with and sometimes do it without realising. But I've learnt the last couple of weeks that space is what a person needs and space and time are the two best healers. Whatever guy hurt you did and does not deserve you in the slightest. You're one of the most genuine people I know through blogging. There truly are so many fakes out there and people who pretend to be something they're not but you're so real. Keep it real girl! :) Always here!!
    a xxx

  8. You look incredible and this is a really lovely post> :) <3
    Petit Dora xoxo

  9. Beautiful Pictures


  10. These photos are just beautiful, and I love the reasoning behind them xx


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