Wednesday, 18 September 2013


If you adore Meadham Kirchhoff's collections as much as I do you will do anything to try and replicate their catwalk designs and recently I had a quick idea that this dress could be easily recreated. So I searched high and low for a white sleevless shirt summer dress and managed to get a hold of one in a local store called Republic for only £10 mainly because it had foundation stains all over it and the zip was broken. But because I got it for such a cheap price I didnt mind altering it to see if I could make it similar to that of Meadham Kirchhoff's. Anyway my next stop was the market to buy some light blue satin ribbon and some white anglaise cotton lace, I estimated that I needed about 4 meters of each and then that totalled up to a cost of £6. I then pinned the white anglaise lace around the arms and started hand stitching it on. Then after I stitched just down the button line on the front of the dress on both sides, and then finally two strips around the neck to make a ruffle necked collar. The blue satin ribbon I made into a bow so It can be detachable if I wanted to change colour at any point. Then I adjusted the lace around the middle of my waist and cut it to my measurment. Its a pretty simple idea to recreate, however Meadham Kirchhoff's is a halter neck and this dress I bought was just a simple shirt design. So why not have a go at recreating this dress yourself? Let me know if you have a go.

RRP £1691 but you can create it for less! 

What you need:
1. Fabric scissors
2. A Plain White Sleeveless Shirt Dress
3. Aprox 4 meters of Light Blue Satin Ribbon, depending on your size measurments.
4. White Cotton thread and a sewing needle.
5. Aprox 5 meteres of White Anglaise Lace
6. Lots of sewing pins

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