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Every year, as the season's catwalks come to a close, we tend to perplexed at our closets. With so many new trends coming to light, does this mean you have to invest in an entirely new wardrobe?

If you're unable to buy every trendy item your heart desires, invest in a few statement pieces instead, taking into account that you'll want to show them off all year-round. 

Animal Print

Although we all love our Faux Fur jackets, they are a little inappropriate for the warmer months. However, this doesn’t mean Animal Print is out of the picture; it simply means we should approach it under a new light. I personally have a soft spot for Leopard Print, I think its tackiness is why I love it so much. If you prefer something subtler, choose a Patterned Clutch and matching Shoes.

Stay Warm

While summer generally means sun, we all know that in England this isn’t always the case. So, it’s always better to be prepared. British Iconic Fashion Hoodies are a great investment and come in the shape of both zip-up and pullover styles. Try and work two trends at once by buying into a style that features a cool logo and a hot colour.

Retro Trainers

It’s not just the models that are going back to basics; a number of office workers are also swapping their pumps for stylish retro trainers. When worn with cutesy dresses and smart skirts, this funky footwear creates an edgy style. I also love wearing Puma trainers, as they are so comfortable its like wearing slippers. Tailored with basic black leggings and a baggy vest top and a blazer it can create a formal yet trendy style

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