Tuesday, 24 September 2013


White Madrid Cap*- Gifted
Red Night walkers*- Gifted
Puma Socks
Pink Cotton Body- American Apparel*
Gold Accessories- Topshop

Hey guys, this post was influenced by the American Apparel advertisements. I always see them everywhere and I thought of trying to do my own remake haha. I bought this Baby Pink Body from American Apparel I love how its made out of 100% cotton and fits like a glove to every body shape.

Lots of love,

Charlotte x

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hey guys, this is just a quick part two of the Ante Dominai/Meadham Kirchhoff SS14 post, I am thankful to access WGSN for these images. The thing I love most about their collection like I've said before is the detailing, its hard to see that when your either sat in the audience watching the show, or your in the comfort of your own home watching a live stream. I love Edwards eye for intricate detail its what really brings the garments alive. I want you too to take your time and look very closely and carefully at each photo noticing things you wouldn't see with just one glance.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte x

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


The time has come for the arrival of Meadham Kirchhoff's SS14 show, if your about as obsessed as I am then this day almost feels like Christmas. I get so excited when little clues are revealed over Twitter and Instagram I can feel my pulse quickening and the magic filling up in my heart. Even as the first model came on with bright orange hair you knew this collection was about being brave and not being afraid to stand out in the crowd with vibrant colours. Living in a city you notice people tend to avoid bright striking colours such as Red, Yellows and Oranges. Perhaps because they are known for being signs of warning or danger and people lack confidence to be seen. I have first hand on these feelings of trying to fit in, whilst being in London many people are that eccentric that it becomes the norm. But for someone to dress uniquely, you can gain lots of unwanted attention. I know its easier to just fit in and wear plain boring colours, but you'll be remembered more for having a character about your style. Its still something I'm working on, I find myself falling back into the trap, one day I'll get there I hope you will too.

Anyway back to the collection, the show goes so fast and I watched it from Topshop show space which is such a reliable place for streaming live shows, they always shot at perfect camera angles. But you still have to wait a couple of days after to see the detailing of the garments. I was so overwhelmed at how powerfully romantic the outfits were and the Cute Bouncy Ringlets and provocative red lips really contrasted with the bold colours. Funny enough about a couple of weeks ago I dyed my hair bright orange, accidentally, but knowing it would be in this collection I would have kept it. I thought Meadham Kirchhoff would go with a lighter palette for Spring/Summer 2014 but it seems from other designers shows that darker colours are must for next year. I love the fact that every collection of theirs always is so beautifully romantic but has this dark melancholic side, thats feels like the models are almost trapped in a fantasy world. That is one of the reasons why I just admire Meadham Kirchhoff, when their work is relatable to modern day issues and yet wearable. 

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Finale Music- Watership Down 1978- Bright Eyes

Friday, 13 September 2013



Hey everyone, this post is dedicated to my beautiful Russia Doll Ivanova, we recently spoke on Twitter whilst noticing that we were both going through some kind of relationship turmoil. A Summer of heartbreak wasn't on the agenda but you can't help what your heart feels. When some one doesn't love you back you have to let go. These photos are a depiction of loving the beauty of nature and life itself and to appreciate how comforting mother nature can be when you are feeling lonely. If your like me and you chose love over girlfriends you'll find that your lacking in female company when you need it most. But there are many girls online that are in the same situation and its amazing to know your not alone.  To depend on someone to make you happy and they suddenly dont want to be a part of your life anymore can have devastating effects. But you have to be strong and surround yourself with family and positive people it will help to inspire you. I don't want to know of any of my girl followers to be crying over a boy and not being able to live their life because of them. You can do this, heartbreak is only bad if you let it. You can control if you want to unhappy over a dumb boy! I know it is really hard and you blame yourself and you miss the good memories you spent together, but there is a reason why that didn't continue. Its for you to learn about how strong you are and it allows space for someone to walk into your life who will appreciate you dearly.

 It is hard to understand how love works, and its more complicated than what we see in films or books. But as young delicate souls we are wishing everyday to settle and to be comfortable, but don't be afraid of change! Embrace it and look forward. Appreciate those happy ever after stories and movies but realise sometimes they are unrealistic but it does happen and you could be the lucky one.
 Be around those who understand you and do what you love! Share your secrets and heartbreaks with girlfriends, and if you don't have any close girlfriends like myself, make pen friends! you could always email me. I don't think I could 100% make you happy but I will listen and sometimes that is all we need in this world! 

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

Kissland- The Weeknd



Monday, 9 September 2013



D&G Fake Blouse- Ebay| Shorts- Primark| Shoes- Charity Shop| Earrings- Claires| Necklace- Topshop| 'Wicked' Lipstick- Topshop

Hey Guys, I have revamped my blog again, I took away the profile at the side and made it a bit more like a portfolio blog. Its easier then to take good quality photos so you can see the detailing, however to ensure they are all the right size I have to adjust each one and then some become blurry. This look was inspired by Iggy Azalea, she wore a Dolce & Gabbana two piece set in her music video 'Work' and ever since I had fallen in love with the Sicilian Print. I can remember I went through an obsession a week after the SS13 catwalk was shown. I've always trusted D&G to come up with really quirky trends, such as the Baroque which as you know caught my attention at the beginning of the year. This is obviously a fake D&G blouse but never the less its print is very similar! This is pretty much a Summer outfit as you can see its taken in doors, but I am going to miss those hot sunny days now. Its already gotten a lot colder so quickly and I'm sat here in a Hoodie and Big Woollen Cardigan.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte x

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