Accessories- Topshop| Dress- River Island| Black Wedges*- Gifted last year can't remember the company name|  WICKED Lipstick- Topshop

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback on my last saucy post, I thought you deserved it. I'm so thankful for all your support and your comments I know I don't reply to them but I read every single one. Its a shame because I actually got my hair dyed a normal brown colour today, it seems to match most of my clothes. I know too many bloggers who have this colour and I just want my hair to grow naturally and leave it for a year without harsh bleaching or colouring. Some of you may remember I used to have peroxide blonde hair, and its still recovering from that. Anyway you get to have about four outfit photos of my red hair before I start taking taking new photos with my brown hair. Its not as black as it was, it was such a draining colour and so hard to strip away. I used colour b4 and the product seemed to have gotten better from about three years ago when I had to use it. I remember it left my hair with an eggy smell but now it isn't too bad and it used to completely ruin it but its still remained in quite good condition. It took about 4 hours to get rid of the orange and to cover it with a nice brown, I do find it difficult to have such boring plain hair, but I really have to leave it alone for a while. This outfit is just something I wanted to blog about a while ago, but being so caught up in Uni work and the past months drama I didn't get the chance. I have been eyeing the dress up for a while in River Island and finally it hit the sale, best feeling ever, and I managed to buy it. It was originally a Maxi dress but being such a tiny weeny lass I cut it quite short to wear with shorts underneath or perhaps leggings. I loved the print and knew I just had to have it, I cut it and managed to sew it up, with some left over fabric to perhaps make a skirt out of. I hope you all got some great bargains in this summers sales! 

Lots of Love
Charlotte x

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  1. gorgeous dress! you are so pretty!


  2. Ugh you have such utterly perfect legs! I have a maxi dress that's quite unflattering on me, I'd never thought of shortening it! :)

    Bella | BELLAETC

  3. I dyed my hair quite alot last year and ended up cutting it all off in September. It's such a drag waiting for it to grow!! You've inspired me to try some DIY with my clothes!


  4. Stunning dress <3


  5. This dress is like omgggg, gourgeous :)


  6. God I love this dress. You look amazing!


  7. Lovely! I like both dress and shoes! :)


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