Friday, 23 August 2013



Tropical Print Dress- Handmade by my Grandmother
 Leaf Necklace*- Merrin & Gussy| Earrings- H&M

Hey everyone, I was going to continue posting my red head outfits, but then again I thought well Its just basically a lie because my hair is brown now. So I want to try and avoid my orange past and look to the future. I decided to enter Lookbook's competition for a chance to win a trip to New York Fashion Week, I am always entering their competitions because you got to be in it to win it. It would honestly be a dream to go to NYC, I really can't even begin to imagine it. To leave Wales and travel on a plane to America, oh my god. I've never been outside of England or on a plane! I'm going to keep on posting entries in hope of winning of course! So this look was inspired by Lana Del Rey's upcoming short film called film called 'Tropico' I'm not too sure what it is entirely about yet, but I have my idea and I just know it will be perfect. I found some tropical print dresses in my Grandmothers house that she had handmade when she was younger, they funny enough fit me, with a belt of course but never the less I still admire anything that is handmade. I found a great location near my house which has over grown plants taller than me and it has a tropical paradise type feel, so I just had to take some photos there. They have cut most of it back and it was quite scary to go walking around in there, I was scared to see a grass snake or something. But I braved it bare foot and imagined there was sand beneath my feet not spiders and stingy nettles. I prefer taking photos outdoors it just takes a while to discover and imagine the photos in your head. It was so much fun walking in the cold river, the air was quite humid but still cloudy and its definitely one of my secret hiding places now I could get away to and read a book. Hope you like the photos there is part two coming up called Redemption so stay tuned.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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Thursday, 22 August 2013



Accessories- Topshop| Dress- River Island| Black Wedges*- Gifted last year can't remember the company name|  WICKED Lipstick- Topshop

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback on my last saucy post, I thought you deserved it. I'm so thankful for all your support and your comments I know I don't reply to them but I read every single one. Its a shame because I actually got my hair dyed a normal brown colour today, it seems to match most of my clothes. I know too many bloggers who have this colour and I just want my hair to grow naturally and leave it for a year without harsh bleaching or colouring. Some of you may remember I used to have peroxide blonde hair, and its still recovering from that. Anyway you get to have about four outfit photos of my red hair before I start taking taking new photos with my brown hair. Its not as black as it was, it was such a draining colour and so hard to strip away. I used colour b4 and the product seemed to have gotten better from about three years ago when I had to use it. I remember it left my hair with an eggy smell but now it isn't too bad and it used to completely ruin it but its still remained in quite good condition. It took about 4 hours to get rid of the orange and to cover it with a nice brown, I do find it difficult to have such boring plain hair, but I really have to leave it alone for a while. This outfit is just something I wanted to blog about a while ago, but being so caught up in Uni work and the past months drama I didn't get the chance. I have been eyeing the dress up for a while in River Island and finally it hit the sale, best feeling ever, and I managed to buy it. It was originally a Maxi dress but being such a tiny weeny lass I cut it quite short to wear with shorts underneath or perhaps leggings. I loved the print and knew I just had to have it, I cut it and managed to sew it up, with some left over fabric to perhaps make a skirt out of. I hope you all got some great bargains in this summers sales! 

Lots of Love
Charlotte x

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Sunday, 4 August 2013


Hey everyone, hope your all having a good weekend. I have been so busy this week sorting out my grandmothers house, she hasn't lived there in a while so we are trying to save precious things from my Fathers childhood as well as sorting through unwanted clothes. But being the youngest and only daughter, I never really had a strong relationship with my Grandmother that I can remember, so to try and be closer to her now I'm older and appreciate the unwanted things she left behind. She is quite old now and its best that some of her things go to a someone who can take care of them and as a person who loves vintage ornaments and such I'm glad its not getting lost in a charity shop. Anyway other than that I've been working in a Vintage shop for two days this week, its been great to build my confidence up in a work place and gain experience. Especially for someone who has social anxiety issues to push yourself and keep remaining positive is a big step for myself and I am proud that I can finally have something to put on my cv even if its at the age of twenty hehe. 

On Monday morning I received the most precious parcel from the beautiful Jessica Celebre. It was designed as if a flower fairy had sprinkled her magic all over it. I was so overwhelmed at how everything was so perfectly put together. Even the envelope was handmade and the cute dried flowers stuck on the front of the card. When I opened it up gently there was this release of magic that floated up into the air. I was so happy and in fact I was about to send a parcel to her the same day, but now she has made me think I need to make it more precious and well thought through so I'm reworking on it. She gave me one of her peach night gowns that I remember her wearing in her 'picnic at hanging rock'. Unfortunately she's deleted her Lookbook which is a shame because she was doing ever so well on there. I have hung the dress up on my curtain rail with my other nylon night gowns. I have a real collection starting now, and they are ever so cheap in charity shops. But recently I have been finding cheap summer dresses online, that I'd love to buy but don't have the money at the moment. I'm sure I'm not the only one who makes endless amounts of online wish lists.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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