Blue Circle Sunglasses- CHICWISH| Mint Organza Dress- BECKYBWARDROBE| Frilly Socks- TOPSHOP| Nude T-bar Heels- NEWLOOK| Picnic Basket- THRIFTED 

Today I put on my lovely Mint Dress and took a walk around the Village to see if I could find any flowers, I must admit I do pinch a few but its such a waste when they are left so sad and lonely. I found these huge pink roses in the Graveyard and only just a day ago I could have sworn there were only one, it amazes me how fast things grow when its so warm and sunny! Shame I can't grow a few inches, hehe. I think this dress looks much like a Child's Dress and it is rather short but the Organza outer layer makes it more magical. I really loved Becky Bloomswood online store, its always full of really cute Girly Dresses. I also found a little picnic basket in a antique store for four pounds, it was partly broken so I managed to fix it up and and attach blue ribbon fastenings. I have wanted one for so long, I've seen a few on Chicwish, but mainly I think they are such a nice touch to an outfit and especially Megan Mcminn makes them look so irresistibly cute! Thanks for your feedback on my last post, it really means a lot to me that people are still there reading my blog. 

Lots of love,
Charlotte xx

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  1. I love organza-it's so feminine but it's also quite futuristic. I adore your outfit! The frilly socks are so cute! xx

  2. I love how you find such gorgeous locations in your village, I should do the same in mine but worried what dog walkers would think if I went into the nearby fields all dressed up! This dress is literally gorgeous xx

  3. gorgeous dress!

  4. Adorable look.

  5. Such a pretty look!!
    hugs :)

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