Sunday, 26 May 2013


Hey everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in a while its been so hectic, I have tried to organise my trip to Manchester to see Lana Del Rey in concert. I couldn't go to the Birmingham one so I sold my tickets and bought some on Ebay for £93, I was a bit skeptical buying them from there but you really have to trust the seller to make sure your not going to get ripped off. Anyway as soon as the tickets arrived we booked our 4 hour train journey and then booked into a lovely hotel called Brittana, well it was cheap for only one night, but I have never stayed in a hotel before, well without my parents and I am almost twenty one! But I was so excited with everything, the large dimmed lampshades and the big double bed, our own bath and shower. Ah we didn't have that much time to stay and enjoy the room because we had an hour just to get ready and queue for the concert. I took my boyfriend with me, he wasn't too happy about it, but I am grateful that he did it for me and supported me. I wore my blue dress from Topshop because it cost so much, I wanted to look respectable if I had the possibility of actually meeting Lana. Then I made a flower crown with real roses and attached them to my hair with bobby pins. The queue was so huge by the time we got there, and I was so embarrassed to walk all the way down the side in my heels and my big blue dress. I know I felt good and confident, but some how teenage girls really make me feel so self conscious with their rude remarks. My legs were like jelly and to walk down the side of them I thought I was  going to fall over, I heard so many bitchy comments about what I was wearing, and it really does annoy me why people can't keep it to themselves. I didn't let it bother me in fact it made me more determined to make me way to the front of the crowd and meet Lana Del Rey.

We got to the doors and they took my canon off me because it looked too professional, so I couldn't get any footage or any photos!! that really annoyed me. Anyway we pushed our way to the front and was about 4 rows behind the barrier. I didn't realise it but the people there were so tall and I couldn't see a thing, God knows how it would have been if I didn't wear heels! We waited for ages and ages for her to come on stage, and when she did I couldn't see anything everyone was going insane and I just burst into tears because I wanted to see her so badly! I thought for the whole concert I would be stuck behind these girls with hair the size of Britain! They were so bitchy and muttered under their breath, I haven't really been to very many concerts before and you really have to fight for your place and be a bitch to get ahead of the crowd. But I got angry and pushed my way to the front I was behind a girl on the very far left, unfortunately when Lana came down she didn't go to my side but at least I could see her perform. It went so fast and it was over, we rushed to the back entrance and stood there in the freezing cold for hours and hours waiting for her to come out, we saw the pianist, Brian and they were loading up the stage set and the instruments. But no sign of Lana, everyone was so cheerful and the fan base was so closely connected through our love of her music. We had good laugh and conversation about her, people were still very sneaky about meeting her though, the security guards had told us she had already left. We didn't know who to trust, the crowds started to disperse and finally there were about 20 of us left out of about 100 people, we stood behind a barrier still so determined to meet her.

 Finally a member of the VIP whispered something to this Mother and child and they ran around to the other entrance, I knew that was obviously it she was there and I didn't wait any longer, I took off my heels and ran in my frilly white socks along the dirty pavement, till we finally got to her. I was so nervous and scared to push my way to see her. I didn't have a clue what to say. I had no camera,  I just wanted her to sign my cd's but everyone kept shouting her name and I just about caught her before she left, she must have been there a while because she only signed Lana, I don't think she recognised me from Twitter or anything, but she said to me ' Oh hey I was gunna wear that dress tonight, Topshop right?' I died right there, knowing she owns this dress, I knew we were similar in our fashion sense. Thats why she has always been a big inspiration to my blogging. However she must have been tired because she was so quiet and shy, I think when you meet her you think she is going to have a golden aura and act like a goddess but in fact she is just a normal girl, I believe when you meet her your just meeting Lizzy, and Lana Del Rey is this unexplainable essence within her music, you can't meet her, however you can feel her when you hear her music, you can escape into this ideal dream world that she creates. I expected so much of her when I met her, but after realising that Lana Del Rey is not a person but in fact an artistic soul that is channeled through Lizzy then you can start to realise and understand her music.

Here are a few photos and things I collected from the day, its not much but I believe memories are more  precious if you can keep reliving the moment through your mind.

Friday, 17 May 2013




Hey everyone, I managed to buy myself a second hand lens from the Camera shop for only £70, it was really needed because the quality of my photos were beyond blurry. Now I can see the difference so much and I don't have to sharpen them each time I edit them. Anyway I have had a tough couple of months with a few personal issues but now I feel I am back on my feet and waiting to get back into the blogosphere. I really want to blog daily like I acheived so greatly last year, but the weather in Wales is still very unpredictable. It took me three attempts to blog this dress, but I am so glad that I managed to capture it today. Its the most beautifully made dress ever, I have had my eyes on it since I saw it online. I know I am a poor student and really cant afford to spend stupid amounts but there was the last size 6 left in my near Topshop and I couldn't resist any longer. I have styled it quite elegantly I think with the white frilly socks and nude t-bar heels, but I think it would also look a bit more edgy with spiked Jeffrey Campbell's and a leather jacket. 

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Thursday, 16 May 2013


I was recently contacted by Ted Baker about their Spring Summer 2013 competition, and was told to pick my favourite pieces, seeing as I go weak at the knees when I see flouncy princess style dresses, I could not resist to show you guys these three pieces that I chose. They are a bit pricey but so glorious and elegant to look at, I hope one day my prince will pay for a beautiful dress like this and swoop me away on his white horse.  Ted Baker styled this Castiel dress to a tea on the website, when a dress has so much detail and heavy embellishments all you need is a beautiful small pearl necklace and a pair of diamond earrings, incase of drawing the attention away from its beauty. I personally think it would be fit perfectly in the new upcoming movie The Great Gatsby. The second dress I choose caught my eye because of its Antoinette like qualities, such as the beautiful baroque rose print, it looks much darker on the website but the material looks like its heavenly light. The third dress I choose was mainly because of its honeycomb bee print, I have looked endlessly on the internet for anything bee related since falling in love with the theme after McQueens SS13 show and this dress would be so perfect for summer of course worn with some white frilly ankle socks and a straw hat. Anyway what do you think of the three dresses?

CASTIEL Embellished Lace Dress - £1500 Ted Baker

PUNITEE Baroque Print Dress - £249 Ted Baker

CAMMY Busy Bee Print Dress- £109 Ted Baker