1. Bee Keeper Hat from Topshop £25| 2. Honeycomb Pattern Tights from My Tights £15| 3. Gold Bee Necklace from ASOS £60 | 4. Alexander McQueen Bee Flats from Harvey Nichols £450| 5. Cream Ruffle Skirt from Ebay | 6. Bee Print Top from Dorothy Perkins| 7. Bee Print Backpack from Accessorize £32| 8. Gold Bug Bracelet from ASOS £3| 9. White Cat Eye Sunglasses with Bee Detail from ASOS £20

Hey everyone I thought this may be the best time to explain to you a little bit more about my new blog design. I feel as a women I feel I have a lot in common with them, not only because they love flowers and are hard working creatures, but for their gorgeous Black and Golden coats. As you already know I have been in love with the Baroque trend and the main colour pallette of that trend was Yellows, Golds contrasted with Black. So it has to be inevitable that my love for Honey Bees is meant to be right?
I have been searching high and low on the internet for Bee print clothing and accessories, but I have realised there isn't much around, yet anyhow. Since being inspired by the Alexander McQueen SS13 collection you can watch here. I really think the Honey Bees are intelligent Ladies but alack the creditability they deserve. My research depicts the yellow and Black Bee Stripe being something of a comical Fancy Dress joke. Also whilst reading this months Vogue I came across an Article called Buzz Words by Gill Hornby. Its on page 83-85 and it explains so many things about the Bees lives that I really didnt know, that they are 'entirely dependent on the companionship of her sisters' and that they control most of the food chain. I am so glad that Sarah from McQueen has found inspiration in nature and created such a perfect collection. So I have created a small fashion collage with a few picks I have found on the internet. I couldnt even find any polyvore collages, well ones that were on trend. Its all well and true if you dont really think yellow is a flattering colour but McQueen proves that you can mix in Creams, Whites and Ochre. I found a similar blog post on Fashion Filtered check it out. 

Charlotte Clothier


  1. Such a cute collection of pieces! You have such great taste :3 <3

  2. As usual your style is just so on point! I love how much thought has gone into choosing your blog design too! I feel the same way about lions, how courageous they are, and also my starsign is Leo (plus my hair sometimes looks like a mane in the mornings...) But anyway, perfect post as usual<3
    Sinead xo

    ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  3. I hope the bee print is gunna be huge! I think it's a really nice twist on the usual floral prints we see in the summer. Loving the hat, top, sunnies and backpack! Great finds :)

  4. 5 and 6 together looks so pretty! Great picks :)


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  6. Alex Monroe does a gorgeous bee jewellery collection. The necklaces are so sweet