001. Hey everyone thanks for the response on my last outfit post it managed to start on the second page on Lookbook for a while and reached 800 hype. However this post is a bit of a dream wish list, if I had enough dollars I would buy all of these pieces. Its a shame a while back I was working with Choies, and managed to own a great Denim Jacket with lots of patches on, a bit like the Meadham Kirchhoff design. But I didnt blog it in time due to the move to University and now I don't feel it suits my more sophisticated style, its quite childlike and I put my hand on my heart and say I haven't really worn it out. So I can understand why Choies haven't contacted me since then, maybe I should do a giveaway? do any of you fancy owning a jacket like that?

Anyway here are a few pieces I'd love to own but don't have the money for. I have been scouring every online shop and none stock Baroque pieces just as beautiful as Choies do, take a look... 


3. Golden Embroidery Blouse $49                4.  Baroque Painting Shirt  $53 

5. Baroque Pattern Coat  $164                   6.  Gold Embroidered Short and Jacket $105


  1. wow, I love them all, wish I had more money.. :)

  2. I just found your blog and I love your style. you look so well in every outfit. lucy

  3. Great post lovely, can't believe I don't have one single baroque piece in my wardrobe, all of the above are fabulous!

    Eda x


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