001. Hey guys sorry about the absence again, I have been busy looking at houses after Uni that I haven't had time to take blog photos. I hope these dark nights start to draw out soon so I can go and take photos later on in the evening. Its a bit of a pain at the moment that with the weather and all, its so cold and I really think I am a Spring/Summer Child. Next year I'm going to be sharing a house with all guys so thats going to be interesting, as long as there not as moody as my brothers are then I think I'll be alright. Anyways its better than being with bitchy girls, I don't have any sisters so I don't think I could cope.

002. During the time of my absence I have gone through a fake tan pandemic! I have been wearing it far too much and trying to be some one I'm not I am thankful for a truthful friend to inform me that it really doesn't suit me and my style and what I stand for. I took a step back and realised that yeah you know what I do look over the top and I am becoming one of those girls that I discussed way back in my posts. The whole fake take, fake nails, preppy style. Now I am embracing my pale skin and my dark brown hair, it still is hard though being surrounded by gorgeous girls in the night clubs with big hair and lush fake tans. But I really don't ever want to be one of those girls. If you want to see my epic failure with St. Moritz head over to my lookbook to see my latest look.

003. Anyways after that final realisation I got back to my normal self and went on a shopping haul to kick start my style for 2013. I am still deeply in love with the whole Renaissance/ Baroque prints and finally I can manage to buy a few more to add to my collection in the sales. I also managed to buy a this Mink Pink dress from Zalando, I have been after it for a while. Its got a great mix of Baroque prints with Tribal which seems to be set for next seasons trends. You can check it out here, its in the sale and down from £50 to £30 which is bargain. 

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Anyway here are a few things I bought in the January sales so far...

(Baroque Shirt- Topshop £15, Necklaces- Topshop £2.50 each)

(Cardigan- River Island £25, Cherub Dress- River Island £15, was a Maxi Dress but I made it shorter, RARE Black Lace and Floral Embroidery Dress- Topshop £20)

( Gold Polka Dot Ballerina Dress- Oh My Love £15  RARE Red Gold Stud Dress £10- Topshop, Purple Print Dress- H&M £15) 


  1. What great buys, I'm so jealous xxx

  2. Oooooh I love that Cherub dress, it's incredible! And embrace your pale skin! It's gorgeous and so are you :)

  3. that dress from river island is beautiful! The print is so dolce and gabanna!

    Hayley xx

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