Thursday, 22 November 2012



Dress- Chi Chi London

Hey Guys, Sorry I have been away for a while who knew that the first term of Uni would keep me so busy! I wish I had more spare time to blog about everything. But most of my evenings have been filled up with sketchbook work and falling in love. So this isn't an outfit post but its a few shots of my DIY creations and my desk in Uni. Its covered with everything to do with the recent Baroque trend. Its really captivated me, not only with its heavy gold embroidery and regal feel but because I feel it imitates art work.  I've been studying the pre-raphaelites for my recent project and the theme is 'containment' so I have tried to twist this idea and point it in the direction of Fashion. The body is contained by fashion, but not only that these beautiful paintings have allowed me to appreciate the female body and look at beauty and life within. How without women there would be no life, not mankind but even flowers and animals. I have a few ideas for my final piece that I am keeping secret right now. But how can one not become mesmerised by how gold and black compliment each other so well. Its pure magic. I've always preferred a darker style but through spring/summer I found it hard to keep. Now I think its staying for good. Living nearer to the high street stores allows me to keep up with the recent trends and I can actually buy and style things that others can now buy at the same time. What I'm trying to say is when you work with companies abroad and you have an outdated wardrobe its hard to inspire your readers to go out and buy similar clothes.
Throughout the summer I have tried to understand what my style is about and what Im trying to express through my photography. I have felt most comfortable dressing up in victorian lace blouses and creating photos that you can escape into. Well through autumn its not as easy to create these surreal escapism concepts and I've now settled for styling my fashion to that of the Renaissance period but with a contemporary gothic twist. My lips are almost everyday painted with a blood red colour, thanks to Topshop's 'Wicked' lipstick. My neck is laced with gold chains and hanging around my neck are two dainty cherubs, its my favourite necklace ever and I think its sold out on the Topshop website which is such a shame. However River Island have caught my eye this month but I find their prices to be considerable high for what the piece is worth. For example a black dress with a heavy embellished pearl and gold rose belt is priced at £70, when you can easily collect a number of beads and vintage pearls from old necklaces and do it yourself. Which is what I have been doing to my shoes, headbands and belts as you can see in the photos below. I hope these inspire you to make do and mend instead of spending your money this season. 

Friday, 2 November 2012



What I'm Wearing,
DIY Dried Flower Headband
Cherub Necklace- TOPSHOP
Eye Necklace- TOPSHOP
Lace Vamp Jacket- EBAY
Stocking Tights- CLAIRES
Leather Boots- KOI COUTURE
Wicked Lipstick- TOPSHOP

Hey Guys sorry about the late halloween post, certain things has made me question myself and my role in the blogging world. But I have come to a conclusion that my work isn't perfect and I never said I was original so I'm going to keep doing what I enjoy. Back on to the subject of Halloween, there is currently a competition on Look book and I can remember last year I entered several times, but being at University this year I found it hard to actually make my outfit so I just brought along one that I bought a year ago. Its kind of a lingerie type night jacket with its batwing sleeves and lace detailing. Which I think adds the whole sexy element to the costume which may not be what people like at halloween. How the girls can get away with dressing overly provocative in skimpy outfits. But I've never been one to dress up to scarily, I hate zombie films and anything gory. I prefer romantic soppy films like Twilight haha, they aren't exactly scary I know but I guess I like the fantasy side to Halloween. I added tons of gold accessories my favourite is the Cherub Gold Chain Necklace from TOPSHOP which has now sold out online but I thankfully got mine in store. All other accessories are either vintage, borrowed from a friend or bought from TOPSHOP. I bought some black nail varnish and dark red lipstick as well to complete the outfit. I know the lipstick isn't cheap but its a great colour and goes with almost every outfit now. I feel slightly gothic wearing it all the time but I guess its ok if you don't use too much eyeliner. I added dried flowers to my hair which I collected a couple of days before, but they all fell apart and kinda ruined my wig. I wish my hair would just grow now and I could have locks like Rapunzel but for now I hope my wig isn't getting to ratty and looks at least half decent.