Red Lipstick- LIME CRIME(*)
Cream Cut Out Collar- CHICWISH(*)
Mint Organza Tea Dress- BECKYBWARDROBE(*)

001. Hey guys thanks for sticking by me whilst I settled into University. Its still all up in the air at the moment so trying my hardest to fit in time for blogging. I have moved to a temporary pent house for the weekend and its brilliant. I have a balcony that over looks the sea, a bath tub and a kitchen, to top it all off I have more secret rooms on the other side woo. I have made a few friends mostly guys because I feel more comfortable with them, seeing as I have three older brothers. Its only been my first week since Ive flown the nest but already there has been so much drama. I guess its all about learning life experiences and for me I am most probably three years behind everyone else. I feel so vulnerable moving to a big city as a country girl. There are so many lessons to learnt and I hope everything works out in the end. But for now I'm enjoying the amazing sunny weather and this awesome view.

002. I think it was last monday I got my first package in my University Mail box, which was so fab when the receptionist handed them over, of course I have to explain to a lot of people about what I do. Some really don't understand, some are happy for me then others can become bitter. You have to be so careful what you say and who you trust which is definitely something I need to keep reminding myself. But anyway my parcel was from Becky B Wardrobe it was this brilliant mint lace dress with a beautiful organza layered skirt. I think its one of my favourite dresses yet, the fit is perfect, its a little short but nothing bloomers cant sort out. I know its so SS12 with its pastel hues but I really don't care, my love for tea dresses and girly things will never go away. I don't own anything this colour so it really stands out in my wardrobe. I matched it with a cut out floral collar from Chicwish and it reminded me of this issue of Vogue with Lana Del Rey. I've bought hair extensions now so I don't have to keep wearing my wigs for photos, i guess that another reason whats stopping me from going out and about to take photos. There are some beautiful locations down here I just need to pluck up the courage to just do it.
Anyway this is just a brief catch up I'm sure I'll post again soon with more updates about my new chapter.

Lots of Love

Charlotte x

Playlist:- Ride- Lana Del Rey, White Coats- Foxes, Teen Idle- Marina and the Diamonds, Wicked Games- Chris Isaack,  Peso- ASAP Rocky.



  1. that dress is beyond beautiful! your look so stunning in it!! x

  2. this dress is so beautiful :) the collar looks like it was made for this dress !

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. I don't understand it - you and the briar rose always manage to make Britain look so warm and sunny and not like Britain.. haha. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!
    Haha - i just never tell people about what I do. It saves a lot of awkward explanations. I agree that people often don't get it, haha.
    xx Annika

  4. gorgeous outfit you look beautiful in these photos! It dosent matter if something is from a different season if its something you love, you should wear it. Im glad your starting to settle in at uni, just remember if you ever need a chat or moan im here :) People are just so jealous and bitchy!

    Hayley xx

  5. Wow I love the dress , hope everything is good at uni , the pent house sounds. Lovely,


  6. whoa it's such a beautiful dress!

  7. I love this dress on you!



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