001. Hey guys sorry for the lack of posting again, I've been a very busy bee as you can see from the photos. I thought I would do a bit of a week in photos, catch up type post. But mainly to show you guys all the cute things I've bought, made and found. We've had a lot of warm weather this week so I've been visiting the garden centres again with my Dad its one of my favourite places to go, always full of flowers and they have lovely quaint cafes. Ive seen so many butterflies this year I really do need to go and take more photos of them, they are so beautiful. There was also a sale on and I managed to buy this kiddies pink bow pen set with clips and a purse just for a pound, well I wanted the pen because I'm collecting these kawaii type japanese stationary for University. I bought a hello kitty surprise for a £1 I am so mad about her even as a child I had a huge collection but then I sold it all. I got a candle holder for a £1 as well and lots of chocolate lollipops. I managed to buy some notebooks from a shop called Wilkinson's in my local town, some of you might of heard of it, everything is dirt cheap and i managed to buy my entire necessities for university there. They have this great sweetshop collection at the moment you can check it out here. There wasn't very many things left when I went but I'm sure they will be restocked soon. 

002. I then decided I wanted to make some cupcakes, my favourite part is decorating them of course and as well as just staring and admiring how perfect and cute they look. I bought my own pink polka dot birthday candles in a sale two packs of 10 for £2, you cant go wrong. But look at the outcome of the cakes, so sweet right? I got this pastel backpack and pink lace collared top with a free kitty pen. in the post from Cleocat, thats my Uni bag sorted I think! I've been scouring the pound shops for canvases for my uni wall and found these two just for £4, pastel macaroons and smarties ahh I am so happy.As you guys are aware I am a finalist in the Uk V05 Cosmopolitan Style Search competition and they sent me a few gifts to prepare me for judging day on the 20th of September. I ams soo nervous mainly because I am terrified of trains, and the tube and oh gosh its just like hell for me. With my social anxiety I fear so many things, but I cant let my worries control my life I have to go on and do it no matter how faint or dizzy or nervous I feel. For now I'm just looking forward to the Meadham Kirchhoff LFW show on the 18th of September, I will never forget their SS12 collection just  so amazing.

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Lots of Love and Strawberry Kisses, Charlotte x



  1. illot not viey? Is that what the last picture says? Hahha sorry xx


  2. omg, this all is so cute *___*

  3. what a gorgeous blog! so glad i found my way here! let's follow each other xx


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