Hey Girlies, so I got the most wonderful gift from Amy He, the creator of Mod Dolly.
Its such a great little shop full of pretty dresses with a vintage touch. It was founded in 2010 with an aim of creating a range of for girls who like to be a little playful with their everyday style. I didn't know what Amy was going to send me it was a complete surprise and I am glad she picked this dress! She knows me too well, I love pink and the floral pattern is just a great design its vintage but yet modern at the same time. It has an elasticated waistband so is very comfy around the tummy. I always find sometimes zipped dresses can feel too tight through out the day and I for one always seem to undo the zip a bit. This dress can be styled in many ways. Because I am such a short lady, I had to hike it up a bit with a belt and then fold the top over to hid the elastic waist from showing. I wanted to add a tutu underneath to make the skirt look more like puffy like the ones from the 1960s. I added a peter pan collared blouse underneath because I feel like a dress is naked without them. Amy also added a few sweeties in the candy striped bag and I immediately gobbled them like some crazy sweet fairy! 

The shop design has just recently be revamped and its so quirky. They also playsuits and jewellery and recently I have been swooning over this Candy Striped Prom Dress and this Roller Skater Necklace. You can check it out all the other products here and like Mod Dolly on Facebook here, and follow them on twitter here. You can also check out Amy's blog called Dolls United.



  1. Such a cute dress!

  2. Gorgeous dress darling - you look stunning.
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    Eda ♥

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  3. This looks so lovely on you ! xx

  4. Oh my goodness, how absolutely adorable you look in this dress! J'adore :D

  5. You look so sweet! :)

  6. this so so amazing! the dress is so you!x

  7. Love your blog, this ourfit looks so pretty on you! xx

  8. oh my, so pretty :)



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