1. Sticker Shirt- LAZY OAF, 2. Fairy Castle Necklace- SPOILED BRAT, 3. Mint Ice Cream Skirt- NOT FOR PONIES, 4. Pink Doily Heart Blouse- RUBY ROCKS, 5. Lollipop Bag- HELEN ROCHFORT, 6. Ice Cream Sundae Print Shoes- IRREGULAR CHOICE, 7. Cup Cake Watch- HELEN ROCHFORT, 8. Cute Fox Face Bag,- SPOILED BRAT.

001. Hey guys sorry no outfit of the day photos today I've been shopping for all my Uni stuff. I still have yet to make a start on my summer project. I have to make things out of paper and the theme is wardrobe and I would love to have the time to do it, but with my blog its quite difficult, I don't want to leave you guys!! But I think its an important step for me. If I am away for a couple of days without notice I'll be fluttering around trying to create something magical. You can always catch me on Twitter if you'd like to stay connected.  Its my birthday on the 21st of September and I can't help but to search endlessly for presents or cute pieces I could buy! I have asked for Lolita Lempicka Perfume and this wonderful Lazy Oaf sticker shirt, you can get the T-shirt version here. Its so irresistibly cute! I recently discovered Helen Rochfort collection, she creates these wonderful bags, with the best photos on. I think her recent collection are even scented!! How great is that? I adore her watches and I wish one day to own one of her creations.

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Lots of Love and Strawberry Kisses, Charlotte x


  1. Number 8 is actually beautiful! It's the cutest little thing! I love all of your picks, so good! xo

  2. Really cute wishlist.
    I've got number 2 and love it, big fan of irregular choice also.

    Cath x

  3. I love Lazy Oaf but I hate that it's so expensive so I always love when a sale comes around for it!

    And those irregular choice shoes are to die for!

  4. Hi Charlotte!
    I saw this lovely post and I Like the wish list you made.
    It just happens that i found the same Fox face bag but with a different price on another site which is:
    The price is 28.00 CNY = 2.77949 GBP
    Chinese Yuan Renminbi ↔ British Pound
    1 CNY = 0.0992674 GBP 1 GBP = 10.0738 CNY

  5. Hi! I read on your post awhile ago that you had a tooth ache and didn't get a chance to reply. I have herd, and tried, coconut pulling. You can google it. Amazing stuff, hope that helps if you still have a tooth act, or ever have on again! Your stuff is just beautiful i love your style and look! Stunning, if you were in Melbourne, Australia I would be getting you to a photo shoot for my vintage site! xoxo


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