001. Hey Guys and Dolls, thank you for staying with me whilst my blog transformed from a Caterpillar to a lovely Butterfly. Now its looking all pretty in pink and I love it, it shows off my love for all things Kawaii. Ever since I can remember I've loved the Japanese Street Sashion. I've never had a chance to buy any sweet Lolita clothes or shoes but I'm hoping I will one day. I don't think I could pull off the full costume but the skirts have cute candy and pony prints which are so adorable! 

002. So here are a few of my favourites from Topshop. Do you ever see things you want so badly but have no money? It always seems to happen to me. I am dying for that sixty pound Jones and Jones dress but they have sold out so fast. Even that Heart Mesh Dress has sold out but lucky enough my local Topshop has saved me the last Dress because they love my Blog, how kind are they? There is an awesome sale on there at the moment and in stores so go and grab yourself a bargain as soon as possible! I hope you like my picks and if anyone is willing to buy one for my twentieth birthday next month, I would love you eternally haha.


  1. I got the heart mesh dress for my birthday today and I love it! But it's a bit thin which is annoying and I got a lot of unwanted attention on the streets from it :/

  2. I love everything too, and here in Spain Topshop clothes are more expensives because the taxes, boh :( so everytime I want something from there I order it by internet... but anyway, it's something!


  3. Love that dip dye dress!x

  4. I love the red one with the hearts over the chest. I have seen that on a couple of blogs and I am in love with it.
    - Keyta x

  5. Aww yay, new blog looks so pretty!! And I was so happy when I saw my button on your sidebar, you lovely thing you! I have wanted to be a lolita girl since I was 15, haha. I have one skirt which I got in Japan which is all lolita-y and have never had the balls the wear it. you totally should :) xx

  6. I love that heart dress :) Sale items are always a little on the dodge side but it's nice to get things cheaply and a novelty dress never hurt right? :)

  7. I love the dress! It looks so cute! :D Oh and I love Japanese street fashion as well! Am going to Japan in about 2 weeks actually!

    Haha, I always see things I want badly and never have the money. I don't think I've ever really invested in something I really like haha!



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