skulls lace and pearls

Collar- Chicwish
Dress- IWearSin
Socks- DIY
Shoes- Koi Couture

001. Hey everyone, this look is inspired by Jessica Celebre over at The Tragic Sense blog, she had a mini vacation away from the blogging world and has come back now better than ever, her photography is so breathtakingly beautiful, her outfits are so dreamy and her hair is just pure perfection. She is my all time favourite blogger and her posts are written with such precision its hard not to adore her. 

002. I was supposed to edit photos all morning but I decided to go out to town to buy some gingham frills and pastel lace to do some more socks with. I bought a floral note pad from a charity shop for only 50p, I think its so cute I don't want to ruin it by writing in it haha anyone ever had that problem with cute things? In this look I'm wearing a Skull Lace Dress from IWearSin which I got in April but never had the right moment to style it. Its really short and I'm always afraid of staining white dresses. I don't think the dress is available anymore on the website I'm so sorry about that. But I've ordered this and this so hopefully you'll be able to have the chance to see me style them and have the chance to buy them then. I got the collar from Chicwish, I fell in love with it instantly it reminds me of the Louis Vuitton SS12 collection and right now I have a huge soft spot for embroidery and cut out dresses and tops.
SIN Clothing are a great fashion store and they allow you to customise any piece of clothing from their shop and it will be sent to you. A dream come true right? 

I got these Black Leather Heels from Koi Couture, they are six inches high and that is just so perfect for some one like me I'm only four foot nine, since I last checked... they are quite hard to walk in but I'm sure I will get used to them. In the photos below you will see all the clutter of rubbish on my windowsill, which has now become my bedside table full with jars of Wild Flowers and Roses. I have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey which is such a saucy Novel by E L James . Everyone has been talking about it and it was only three pound fifty in my local super market so I thought heck why not lets see what all the fuss is about. My Dad's partner bought me some Mini Brownie Cakes with a Cream Cheese Topping, lots of Chocolate Sprinkles and Edible Glitter. They were so nice, I just have to go back to buy some more. Sorry about the bad editing in the photos I really need to buy photoshop, I edit them all by hand with curves so they are all different colours. 



  1. Beautiful dress it's so pretty and looks lovely on you!

    Emma x

  2. I love the shoes and Your hair! It's always perfect :D

  3. i really enjoyed this post. great blog.great outfit.

  4. That dress is so pretty and your makeup always looks flawless :-)

  5. lvoe all the photos! The dress and shoes are stunning! I really love the photo with all of you in it its stunning and shows how perfect the outfit is. I also love THe Tragic Sense, shes so beautiful in everything she does!

    Hayley xx

  6. A pretty lace dress with skulls woven in? That's probably one of the most awesome things I've seen! Xxx

  7. Oh love how you've done your eye make-up, such great creative photos

    Jo. x

  8. Such a cute dress! How do you do your hair? It's so amazing! :)


  9. I love the skull lace dress! It's so cute :)

  10. Love the outfit, but I also love all the windowsill photos as I'm a tad nosy! That little clock is so cute, and I espesh like the curiosity cola bottle. My windowsill is quite similar, only mine is actual real, horrific looking crap that needs to get chucked out haha. x

  11. I love your collar :) and your socks are so sweet!

  12. The skull lace dress is lovely and even more beautiful with the peter pan collar!
    I love your trimmings collection and I'm sure you'll make great things out of them!I love to see the books you are reading, I really like them all, especially Nabokov who is one of my favorite writers and John Keats poems!
    Lots of LOVE!!!!!

  13. Hey, Charlotte :)
    You have such a wonderful blog and your photography is so great, love those pastel tones. :)
    Gladly followed through GFC and Bloglovin (#107).
    Have a great day!

  14. Amazing outfit! I love the cute white socks with those shoes! Now following your blog xx

  15. This look is awesome! I adore those shoes and need them in every color!!

    xox jane


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