Dress- SIN clothing
Collar- Chicwish
DIY flower crown

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of blog posts and outfits. I have been struck down with a terrible virus which leaves me feeling completely exhausted. My whole family have had this cold and now I am the last to have it. I have been frustrated because I just want to take photos but its raining outside and every time I'm half way through shooting, I get a pounding head and just crave a cup of tea and a warm blanket. Hopefully it will go soon because I hate leaving being bed bound. I have done lots of outfit plans and its occurred to me that I am revolving my style around companies which I honestly feel sick about. Its something that I really didn't want to happen. To become a sponsor zombie was my worst nightmare. Also the idea of blogging and dressing up every day for the camera has become such a chore I have lost interest. It doesn't really help when you have companies pressuring you to advertise their pieces. I guess it is my fault but I think I've learnt my lesson now and won't be accepting any more gifted items as of August 2012. I would just like to show you guys my true style and not be afraid that I'm not advertising a product well enough of creating the right amount of traffic. It was fun while it lasted but if it continues I feel I shall have to leave the blogging world for a while so I can breath a little.

Charlotte Clothier


  1. Love this dress, you look beautiful :) get well soon :)
    Jo. x

  2. You always look so serene and ethereal in all your looks! I love it :-) Get well soon x


  3. love these photos! and the outfit and the setting is truly dreamy and wonderful :) I agree, youve got to do what youve got to do sometimes :)

    Hayley xx

  4. I love this pics and I love your amazing blog, I'm a new fllwer, step by my blog if you want!

  5. I do hope you don't have to leave blogging because I'm really interested to see you true style!
    Take care!

  6. amazing pics!kisses from Italy

  7. I have so much respect for you for writing this post. I'd started noticing that your blog had become a bit sponsor orientated which I thought was a shame as that doesn't seem to fit with your personality. Anyway, good luck with whichever route you take and know that you'll always have this follower's love and support xo