Sunglasses(*)- Megan McMinn
Necklace- Claires
Floral Crop Top- Newlook
Pleated Pink Skirt(*)- IAnyWear
Lace Socks- DIY
Heels- Newlook
Butterfly Purse(*)- Ted Baker

This post is very well over due, and for that I apologise. My lovely mermaid friend Megan was kind enough to send me this really thoughtful gift, I was so over the moon how she seemed to grasp my sense of personality and interests so easily. I adore everything she had put into this little cream box, once I opened it the sweet smell of liquorice and flowers hit my heart and I smiled instantly. She had put a little sample of a fragrance called 'Lolita Lempicka' and it was the most loveliest perfume I have smelt in a long time, it really fits my style so well that I shall be putting it on my birthday wish list.

A few other things she included were a DIY sea shell clip with added pearls and flowers. Then some DIY paper rose sunglasses, I have added a few photos at the bottom of the post of Meg wearing the sunnies, not sure if they are the real ones or another pair she had customised but either way they are gorgeous. I keep thinking to myself why I didn't think to create a pair when I made these shoes. I love the fact that she knows I adore the mermaid fashion style and she can pull it off so well with her red hair and doll like features. I can't wait to take a photo with the mermaid clip I'm thinking something like a vintage hula girl or a 1950s/1960s mermaid. 

She also included a packet of dolly mixture sweets which I guiltly ate as soon as I saw them, it was the morning ok and I was hungry...also my sweet tooth could not resist. She gave me a white scarf with frilly three dimensional flowers on a bit like my jacket here, which I thought would look brilliant either worn as a glamourous head scarf with some sunglasses or as a hood like this outfit by Meadham Kirchhoff. There was also a yellow rose ring that she said originally came from the Sergeant Fox Shop and a vintage thistle brooch. So yes that concludes that Meg is pretty awesome and the most kindest and stylish person ever, so go and follow her on Twitter, check out her Blog here and give her some loving guys. 
Hope you enjoy the photos.


Charlotte Clothier


  1. Those glasses are so wonderful! very jealous! :)

  2. amazing! The outfit, the sweet colours, the glasses! <3

  3. gorgeous photos and outfit! Love the glasses and that rose ring, its beautiful <3 That bag is gorgeous! love te design on it

    Hayley xx

  4. The glasses are stunning and I adore your butterflies case!!Such an amazing present, I love everything Megan sent to you, Lolita de Lempika perfume is one of my favourite too!!! You look gorgeous in this outfit!

  5. gorgeous pleated skirt! love it paired with that flora top. and your sunglasses are sooo cute.

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  6. OMG you have THOSE glasses. Love you, love your wardrobe, love your blog, love it all.

  7. You look simply GORGEOUS!! :D Great blog, now following! (: hope you can do the same for me! <33

    Win one of TEN $15 gift cards! details on my blog! (:

    Cindy C.

  8. You look gorgeous; I love those sunglasses so much!
    Your niece is adorable, and trust me, i don't say that about young people often! <3

  9. All beautiful!! Charlotte the colors here are fantastic... dreamy as always :D