Lolita Lempicks Perfume Review

001. Hey guys, this post is from like three weeks ago! I know I know I have had them all in a draft process because I was too busy to edit all the photos. The weather was so hot for about a week and a half so I seriously didn't want to sit inside like a vampire. I don't normally like wearing crop tops and shorts, but in that kind of weather I just wanted to walk around naked.  I cut up this playsuit, its originally from Ebay and the brand is Primark. You can buy it here. I was going to get it handmade by someone I know but then I came up with this DIY idea and it worked. I need to just hem the top but apart from that it fits really well, I feel like I'm about twelve years old though when I wear this outfit. But for the hot weather it is perfect because the fabric is so lightweight. I really want the sun to come back now, so I can have milkshakes and ice cream sundaes. The sunglasses are from Chicwish here. I also have to buy this perfume, my lovely mermaid Megan sent me a gift and she included a sample of it. Its to die for.


  1. love it!

    Hayley xx

  2. Lolita Lempika is very yum and a little different, I have some too. It's hard to find, mine came from Selfridges in London.

    Love this outfit, now we just need more sun!!

  3. cute outfit :) looks so lovely on you, i bet it would rather look ridiculous on me :D

    greetings from germany, Jana

  4. Well done! Great job diying it!!!
    It looks super.
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey
    oh and you are so cute!


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