snowhite and the huntsman competition

Dress(*)- Reecn
Apple Core Necklace(*)- Rings and Tings

Ah I just found out from a friend on Facebook that I managed to come second place in the Snow White and The Huntsman Chictopia competition. I am over the moon I can't tell you enough, the amount of thought and effort I put into my photos is really starting to get some recognition. I am so grateful I can't thank you enough for whoever commented and voted on the photo. I don't know exactly what I have won but coming second place its got to be something good right? Either way I had such fun dressing up as Snow White, I just love fancy dress and as a child its something I was always known for, I walked as Cinderella in a carnival and I played Lady Macbeth in a school play, the Mad Hatter in drama school. Becoming a character for photography and expressing them through dressing up is something I just love doing, people have always told me to go into costume design or something but I love styling outfits as well as costumes but who knows which path I will go down but for now I am having great fun dressing up myself and becoming a character for a day.



  1. So exciting! Keep us posted on what they award you :D

  2. congrats! it's such a pretty outfit.

  3. Congrats! I love your photos you always look amazing,



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